The Must-have Addition to Marketing Strategies

Madison Strunk  |  April 26th, 2023

Bandwango Passports: Seasonal Marketing Must-Have

Seasonal campaigns can be a handful to coordinate and plan. The key to having a successful season campaign is planning ahead, which can be incredibly difficult when bandwidth is a challenge. We are here to discuss how seasonal campaigns can be revolutionized with a digital experience passport and how our team can take the heavy lift off!  Bandwango passports can help you monetize, track visitation, and collect first-party data on your campaigns that may already exist.

Bandwango digital passports are an effective way to drive traffic to local businesses in your area. Our team helps build and strategize the distribution of your passport. Consumers can sign up for the pass directly on your site and simply check-in & redeem offers at all participating locations through their phones! We have different passport options when it comes to building your customizable passport.

  1. A check-in challenge is great for when you want to encourage locals and visitors to discover multiple check-in locations and earn points along the way! Points can then be redeemed for exclusive prizes and sweepstakes.

  2. A savings pass is great to offer deals at included merchants/locations. Don’t worry, we have a team dedicated to communicating with your local businesses and collecting deals & discounts.

  3. Our paid passes are perfect for paid attractions, tastings, or events in your area! Each of our passes are trackable with real-time reporting that can be accessed 24/7 so you can see how many passes are active, the most popular merchants and so much more!

When thinking about building a passport for your seasonal campaign, something to keep in mind is the timeline. Passports, while very helpful during the campaign, do take time to build. Free passes can take anywhere from 45-60 days before it is ready to be launched to the public. If you choose to create a paid pass, they can take up to 90 days. Planning ahead is very important! We want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect before launch, so don’t wait to start the conversation about building your pass!

While building a passport may take some additional time, there are many reasons that make it worth your while. A digital experience passport encourages your passholders to explore new places in your area during your seasonal campaign. And of course, as previously mentioned, the real-time reporting and tracking prove that building a Bandwango passport is unmatched! Our reports provide information on the most popular locations on the pass and will help you to plan more campaigns in the future.


Not sure what direction you want to take your seasonal passport? We’ve gathered examples of seasonal passports that have been popular! Our hope is that you can take some inspiration from these passports for when you build your own. No matter what the time of year, Bandwango is here to help innovate your marketing strategies.

Spring: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 

Skagit Valley is a hot spot for tourists in the spring! The valley attracts people from far and wide for their tulip festival, and building a Bandwango pass this year was a great way to track where visitors were coming from. The passport allows tourists to check in at all different points of the festival and educate passholders to ensure they aren’t missing a thing. We have seen over 1,500 signups and 667 check-ins just this year which shows how much people are digging this festival pass.

Summer: Downtown Colorado Springs Patio Passport

Everyone loves outdoor dining in beautiful summer weather, so Downtown Colorado Springs put together a passport that features the best patios in their area! The passport drives business to restaurants and gives their customers the opportunity to try new eateries. The success of this pass last summer was unbelievable with over 3,000 signups and 67% of those sign-ups opting into future marketing communication.

Fall: Cumberland Valley Fall Fun Trail

Cumberland Valley wanted to bring everyone's attention to the crisp autumn air, warm apple cider, and colorful leaves. The Cumberland Valley Fall Fun Trail was built to showcase the beauty of autumn. This trail is packed full of fall activities including hiking trails and scenic overlooks, a bounty of apples, pumpkins, and more at farm markets; and seasonal family-friendly activities, including hayrides and corn mazes. Cumberland Valley saw 625 signups with this pass which led to 718 check-ins! That pass performance is impressive! Of those sign-ups, they had over half of the customers opt-in to marketing communication for future campaigns.

Winter: Frankenmuth Stop & Snap Challenge

Frankenmuth is determined to have the most wonderful celebration for the most wonderful time of year! This is why Frankenmuth created their Stop and Snap Challenge. Explore the historic town of Frankenmuth, MI with this passport and experience the best holiday season you can have all while taking Instagram-worthy photos! Frankenmuth had over 1610 total sign-ups and 12,527 check-ins! Passholders absolutely loved this challenge. Frankenmuth can now communicate with nearly 900 of those customers about their future campaigns including their 2023 Stop and Snap Challenge that will launch in November.


We want to make sure your seasonal Bandwango passport is going to succeed, so we have a few tips and tricks for you to implement to continue to enhance your campaign. The first step, create clear goals. Whether you are focused on first-party data or visitation to local businesses - it’s important to be able to measure the success of your pass through these goals! They will also help you in the future to decide what you need to adjust to continue your campaigns. You also want to establish your target audience. Are you trying to bring locals to your businesses or visitors? Families or adults? Deciding on your target audience will help you to decide how you should market your pass. Based on your target audience and goals, you want to create a compelling passport with enticing experiences and rewards!

After your passport is created and you are ready to launch, you may want to use multiple channels for promotion. Create press releases to encourage earned media to help market your passport. You can also use social media, perhaps a partnership with a local influencer, and send out emails to encourage those who you already have contact with to sign up.


As already stated, our tracking and analytics allow you to have more insight into how your pass is performing. It can also aid you in future marketing campaigns through marketing opt-ins. Each passport is built with an option for your customers to sign up for future marketing emails so that you can reach out to them when new passports or campaigns are launching!

With a Bandwango passport, you can create a seasonal campaign that will be unforgettable all while collecting first-party data! Encourage your locals and visitors to explore and find new places through your passport all while driving traffic to your local businesses. Add a Bandwango pass to your marketing toolkit by booking a demo!