Enhancing the Visitor Experience: How a Bandwango Passport Changes the Game During Construction

Madison Strunk  |  April 17th, 2023

Yes, construction can be a real pain when you are sitting in traffic, trying to find parking, or when you are running a business nearby. It can be difficult to navigate but construction is a necessary part of growth. A Bandwango passport can effectively increase foot traffic to local businesses during this time of growth.

Creating a positive visitor experience is a large part of a successful business. Not only will a positive impression bring back local customers, but they might tell their friends and family about that experience. They may also leave a positive review, getting the word out even more. The need to treat every customer with respect and show their value goes beyond just that one customer as customers have the ability to make or break a business’s reputation.

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With anything in business, there are challenges to creating a positive customer experience. While there are some things that you can control to make a positive experience for your visitors, a lot of the time it is out of your hands. Crowded parking lots, long lines, and difficulty navigating the area are just a few examples of things that impact an experience. Construction can be the cause of a lot of these and of course, it is not always avoidable. A great way to combat the impact of these things for your organization is by creating a Bandwango digital experience passport.

Bandwango digital passports bring together merchants and house deals, discounts, and challenges through check-ins at local establishments. You have options when creating a Bandwango passport: A check-in challenge for instance will reward your passholders the more establishments they visit. A savings pass is a great way to offer exclusive discounts at stores and restaurants in your area. Then of course there is a paid attraction and tasting passes, these are great for wineries, distilleries, and attractions. For more information on Bandwango passes, visit our website and book a demo!


Bandwango’s mobile passport technology can help to combat many of the challenges above that are typically caused by construction. A digital passport is a great way to entice visitors and locals to visit businesses they may not have heard of in the area. Through curated experiences, you have the opportunity to drive more people through the doors of the new local businesses. Our technology allows passholders to navigate an area seamlessly and with less hassle. This creates a better experience for your customer base.

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There are so many other benefits of a digital experience passport. They are a great way to collect first-party data to understand how your customer base is behaving. What do they prefer? How often are they visiting and checking in at an establishment? Bandwango can tell you all of this through real-time reporting that you will always have access to! Paid passes are a great way to drive revenue for your organization while also driving traffic and revenue to your businesses!

We know construction can be frustrating and largely impact your customers’ experiences. Create a Bandwango passport and avoid all the common issues that construction brings so that existing businesses can continue to perform well and new businesses grow!

If you are looking for inspiration on how a passport can aid businesses in your construction zone, Main Street Ann Arbor created the Can You Dig It Bucket List Pass. This challenge has been a fabulous way to support their Main Street businesses while undergoing road construction!