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Bandwango’s platform has been a successful marketing tool for Beef Councils, Pork Councils and other agriculture organizations. Our technology offers endless possibilities for promoting local restaurants through both free and paid passport options. These passports provide a unique and engaging way for food associations to serve their members. Pro tip: Make your passport enticing with prizes that reward users for checking in to your member restaurants!

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How Bandwango Works For Food Associations

Our team will work alongside you to reach out to the merchant partners you’d like to include on the passport and onboard them into the Bandwango system
Passport access
When a consumer signs up for a pass, they can access tasting flights, deals and discounts and more via their mobile-friendly passport.
When they visit a location, they’ll redeem their offering using our simple process which requires very little staff training!
Win Prizes
Reward passholders for checking in at particular segments of businesses, locations or points of interests.

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Fine-tune Distribution

All Bandwango clients can leverage our signature product, DXE Connect, but Beverage Associations can especially benefit. With one channel, Beverage Associations can active multiple resellers. One of the biggest benefits is that the accounting stays streamlined, with Bandwango paying out merchants or associations directly for sales through all channels.

Check out some of our partners and learn about how this managed service can benefit your organization!

More about DXE Connect

“The Bandwango platform allowed us to reach more people and to make participation in our program easier for the customer,”

Adam Wegner
Director of Marketing for the Nebraska Beef Council

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