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It’s never been easier to guide visitors and locals to your community’s best craft breweries, distilleries, wineries and restaurants. Harness Bandwango’s innovative technology to pay out your local business partners directly for each redemption of their offering. Whether you’re building a tasting pass for your wineries or a paid clam chowder trail, Bandwango’s technology can help you drive real people through the doors of local businesses.

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Promote your local flavors!

Spotlighting your local restaurants has never been easier. Encourage diners to enjoy local restaurants for a full week (or up to 2 months!). Bandwango passports make this easy by helping collect restaurant deals and discounts, loading in pre-fixe menus or facilitating prizes for those diners who check-in at a predetermined number of restaurants.

Our sample passport is purposefully built to show off the different configurations we offer. Sign up and get inspired!

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How Paid Tasting Passes Work

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Paid pass products are eligible for Bandwango's DXE Connect platform. Launching a product with DXE Connect allows Bandwango clients to access a vast network of online resellers. DXE Connect means that clients can manage everything through a single point of contact with Bandwango - we do the heavy lifting!

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