Destination Experience Engine (DXE)

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DXE simplifies community-business connections

Destination Development
Organize your things-to-do into free or paid passports that target a variety of customers
Total Brand Control
Bandwango products are fully whitelabeled, so consumers never see our brand - it's all you!
Instant Delivery - No Apps to Download
Our web application is delivered via SMS and e-mail, so there's never apps to download
Everywhere Redemption Tech
Our seamless redemption process works for all businesses - no-tech, low-tech and high tech alike
A First-Party Data Engine
Capture rich first-party data about your customers - who they are, where they're from and what they're doing


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Every community is unique, but what motivates audiences to get out and spend money is the same - fun experiences they can share with friends and family. Bandwango launches both free and paid programs.

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Paid Attraction Passes
Paid Tasting Passes
Gamified Trails
Culinary Passes
Savings Passes
Paid Event Passes

One Platform Fits All.

Bandwango works with communities that span industries. With flexible technology to meet different audience needs, it’s no wonder Bandwango makes a real impact.



Capture real traveler information and quantify destination impact
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Downtown Associations

Measure foot traffic to downtown or business improvement districts
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Spirits Associations

Distribute tasting passes and focus on makers and creators
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Chamber of Commerce

Support local businesses in a new, unique way
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Higher Education

Student and faculty discounts, events and engagement just got easy

We know - it’s kind of unbelievable. Our case studies don’t lie though.

Case Studies