Managed Services

Bandwango’s suite of managed services means that many clients consider us an extension of their team! Could you use the help?

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Consider us your back office and know that you have access to a suite of services sure to ease your mind (and workload). We help clients in the following ways:


Setting strategy and driving conversions

Each client gets a Client Success Manager whose role is to guide you to the most successful pass you can launch and help you keep up the good work.

Pass build and configuration

Our teammates will build and configure your passport using your brand assets, or help by creating completely new ones.

Onboarding and training businesses

Bandwango uses calls and drip e-mail sequences to onboard local businesses. Plus, we help train them once the pass launches!

Processing payments

When paid passes require merchant payments, save yourself the headache and let us manage your accounting.

Prizes and merchandising

Bandwango manages the manufacture, packaging, and shipment of prizes & incentives for your community members.

Customer support that cares

Guiding passholders when they’re confused takes time. We’ve got it Monday - Sunday 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. MDT.

Check out Bandwango's merchant portal!

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Bandwango's innovative Merchant Portal, tailored to elevate mobile pass listings like never before! With this dynamic new interface, merchants gain unprecedented control over their digital presence and enhance customer engagement.

Destination Experience Marketing

SMS with ease
Put your marketing in a passholders palms with text messages distributed through Bandwango’s system.
Streamlined e-mail marketing
Bandwango’s e-mail solution targets existing passholders to ensure they keep checking in and redeeming their passport.
Creative services
From print collateral to digital asset assistance, our design team delivers print-ready files.


Destination Experience Marketing

Our Marketing team is here to support your internal efforts. These add-on services pair our in-house team's knowledge of the DXE platform with digital best practices that are sure to set you up for success!

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DXE Connect

All Bandwango clients can leverage our signature product, DXE Connect, which is a turn-key distribution platform that connects Bandwango products to third-party re-sellers.

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How it all fits together

Bandwango’s managed services and our platform work in tandem to ensure that each client is positioned for success. Bandwango’s goal is to drive people through the doors of local businesses.

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