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Coming to campus should be more than just a tour, it should be an experience. The Bandwango platform helps you combine key points of interest and local businesses into a mobile passport which you provide to prospective students and families. With these passports, universities, private colleges and community colleges can help students truly explore your city. This will boost key admission goals like application completion, boost deposits, limit enrollment melt, and lead to greater retention as students truly adopt a second home town as part of the enrollment process.

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Join us for an engaging webinar that delves deep into the world of Bandwango, where we'll introduce the innovative Campus Visit Experience Pass. Discover how Bandwango is revolutionizing the way higher education institutions take the visit beyond the campus tour to integrate key local attractions, experiences and culture. It’s about helping students and families make an emotional connection, which will help you meet your enrollment and retention goals.

College and University Passport Benefits


Campus Visit Experience Pass

Roll out the red carpet to prospect students, including key target audiences, using Bahdwango’s platform to bundle a local experience. These offerings can feature admission to key attractions in the area, highlight cultural experience and other incentives designed to show off the area's appeal to potential students and families
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Reward Campus Tour Guides

Talking about traditions while walking backwards is tough work. Reward your campus tour ambassadors by giving them a Bandwango experience pass along with the prospective students they welcome. It’s an added perk, will help with tour guide retention, and give them even more to talk about as they experience the great things your local community has to offer.

Deals & Discount Passes

Bandwango’s Savings Passes are built to be a mobile-friendly coupon book perfect for students or staff at your college or university. This pass type typically includes deals or discounts at local businesses. These discounts could range from BOGO discounts to a percentage off total price.
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Spotlight on Diversity and Inclusion

If you’re serious about welcoming an inclusive student body, you want to share proudly that your local community is a partner in this mission. Working with local cultural organizations, restaurants and arts organizations to spotlight diversity is a key strategy. Your Bandwango passport can be a key tool to showcase the diversity and welcoming nature of your local community to prospective students from diverse backgrounds.

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​Enjoy free admission to top attractions in Baltimore at NACAC!

Elevate your conference experience with the NACAC Baltimore Pass – your key to unlocking the best of Charm City. This digital pass includes waived admissions at three of Baltimore's premier attractions, allowing you to make the most of your visit. Immerse yourself in the city's rich history and vibrant culture without the cost, all thanks to Bandwango and Visit Baltimore!

Prospective students to your university could have the same experience... Check out how Bandwango is expanding the campus experience by visiting us at Booth 123!

This sample pass is free to access! To see a preview of the pass and included venues, click here.

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