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Bandwango’s platform, which can combine points of interest, key events and local businesses into a mobile passport, is a perfect fit for higher education organizations hoping to connect to their students. With these passports, community colleges, technical schools, four year universities and private colleges can deliver to students an experience sure to engage and likely to boost key metrics like retention, enrollment and persistence.

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Popular Higher Ed Passport Offerings

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Student Retention Programs

This passport can enable a campus to organize student activities, discounts and locations around campus into a single passport. This check-in challenge passport rewards students for being involved on campus and allows colleges to identify students who may be at risk.

Deals & Discount Passes

Bandwango’s Savings Passes are built to be a mobile-friendly coupon book perfect for students or staff at your college or university. This pass type typically includes deals or discounts at local businesses. These discounts could range from BOGO discounts to a percentage off total price.

Graduate Student Recruitment Pass

Graduate student programs looking to boost enrollment can use Bandwango's platform to bundle high value offerings. These offerings can feature admission to key attractions in the area, pre-purchased fights of wine or beer and other incentives designed to show off the area's appeal to potential students.

Deals & Discounts in One Easy Place

It's easy to have school spirit when you're cashing in exclusive deals and discounts. Students and staff alike can use this passport to access the college or university discounts in their area. Your local businesses probably already offer these sorts of deals. Let Bandwango help you combine them into an easy-to-use mobile offering. Then, start tracking the economic impact your campus has on the local businesses in your area!

This sample pass is free to access! To see a preview of the pass and included venues, click “Learn More”.

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Spotlight on Student Retention Programs

The pandemic impacted higher education enrollment, persistence rates and retention rates. Bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels is going to require creative thinking from higher education institutions. For community colleges and other 2-year institutions, this creativity could take the shape of a Bandwango passport.

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