Gamified Trails

Check in. Win prizes. It’s that simple with Bandwango’s Gamified Trails passports! These free passes are built to entice and reward visitors and locals to move throughout your community’s best offerings. Using Gamified Trails, destinations can drive engagement, which ultimately leads to loyalty. Forbes reports more than 80 percent of millennials and two-thirds of baby boomers have interested in getting rewards or prizes for their engagement with brands.

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Popular Pass Types

Gamified Trail passports reward passholders for checking in at particular segments of businesses, locations or points of interests. These passes perform best when the trail is focused on a specific audience and a central theme.

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Guide your audience through your local spirited scene.
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Drive customers to your best local restaurants and diners.
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Track your audience’s treks and outdoor adventures.
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Local Art

Show off murals and local art installations in your city.

Get Your Head in the Game!

Bandwango's free gamified check-in challenges reward passholders for visiting a preset number of locations in your region. From the great outdoors to the niche indoors, showcasing unique locations and experiences and rewarding your audience has never been easier! This is one of Bandwango's most popular pass types, and it's easy to see why. Brand your free trail to feature your community's "claim to fame" and you'll enjoy the benefits of earned media and eager passholders.

From taco trails to craft beer crawls, we bet you can't think of a passport type that we haven't launched. Then again, we'd love to see you try.

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How Check-In Challenges Work

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We Ship and Fulfill It

Bandwango’s managed services include prize shipment and fulfillment, so you don’t have to worry about manufacturing, packaging, and shipping prizes & incentives for your community members.

Managed Services

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