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Whether it’s a theme park, ski resort, museum, or creative combinations of all of the above, when Bandwango’s DXE is used for Attraction Passes, it gives our clients a powerful tool to drive crowds, not only to visit attractions, but to spend more money while there. These passes are mobile solutions designed to enhance the visitor experience, capture dynamic marketing data, and most importantly drive regional economic impact.

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Bandwango’s Paid Attraction Passes are built to be an all-in-one ticket option perfect for visitors to your destination. This pass type typically includes admission to attractions and tour operators and is sold at a price point that factors in the wholesale rates for each location included in the passport. Bandwango’s variety of integrations allow for direct connection to many booking platforms.

This sample pass is free to access, but the checkout flow showcases the screens a paying customer would see during purchase.

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How Paid Attraction Passes Work

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Paid pass products are eligible for Bandwango's DXE Connect platform. Launching a product with DXE Connect allows Bandwango clients to access a vast network of online resellers. DXE Connect means that clients can manage everything through a single point of contact with Bandwango - we do the heavy lifting!

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