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Move beyond online ticketing and into event experiences with Bandwango’s event pass. Our powerful technology creates a seamless user experience and can handle revenue management, ticketing and much more. The platform also captures dynamic marketing data in addition to ticket sales. When it comes to event ticketing and redemption, our platform is built from the ground up to maximize attendee experience, enhance brand and sponsor engagement and increase revenue.

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Event ticketing has never been easier. Your organization can use Bandwango’s flexible technology in a variety of ways to make your events run smoothly. Whether you’re hoping to use Bandwango passports as your entrance ticket, a guide to your event or something more custom, our platform can provide a streamlined solution and detailed tracking.

This pass is built as if the event were free to attend. However, launching a paid special event passport or admission ticket is also an option!

How Paid Event Passes Work

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Managed Accounting Makes Events Manageable

Our paid event passports provide you with lots of benefits, but one of the main ones is that payout becomes easy. At the end of each month, we'll pay you out for the tickets you sold. We'd have more to say about it, except that it's that easy to explain...

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"The scanner app was really fast, not grabby at all like other ticketing apps I used in the past, [but] beyond entry scanning and the convenience of e-ticketing, the real gold is in pre-event and post-event patron ‘processing.’”

Stephen Brown
Co-Creator of Eat Drink SLC

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