Destination Gettysburg's Passholder Newsletters - A Case Study

Madison Strunk  |  November 15th, 2023

When it comes to exploring the charm of Adams County, Pennsylvania, the Pour Tour and Crop Hop Passes have become the perfect companions for residents and visitors alike. Created by Destination Gettysburg, these passes are not just about discovering local businesses but are a gateway to supporting small farms, enjoying the best beverages from local breweries, cideries, and wineries, and immersing oneself in the vibrant culture of Adams County.

The primary purpose behind these passes is to encourage residents to venture into the heart of Adams County and explore its hidden gems. The Crop Hop Pass is a fantastic opportunity to connect with local farms, support farmers, and indulge in the freshest produce, eggs, meats, and more. On the other hand, the Pour Tour introduces passholders to the rich world of local breweries, cideries, and wineries, where collecting stamps becomes a delightful adventure.

Beyond just unlocking the doors to local treasures, Destination Gettysburg understands the importance of fostering a personal connection with their passholders. This bridge between exploration and community engagement is expertly built through their monthly newsletters that forge a deeper, more personal connection with the rich tapestry of Adams County.

Joel Cymerman, from Destination Gettysburg, emphasizes the importance of the Adams County Passport Newsletters in keeping passholders engaged. These newsletters serve as a comprehensive guide, bringing together the Pour Tour and Crop Hop experiences, offering insights into upcoming events, and weaving together a narrative that captures the essence of each trail.

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The newsletters play a crucial role in achieving the main goals set by Destination Gettysburg. By driving traffic to their website, passholders can learn more about the trails and plan their upcoming trips. Each newsletter kicks off with a seasonal theme, creating depth and immersing the audience in the diverse offerings of Adams County.

Utilizing Bandwango's reporting capabilities, Destination Gettysburg gathers valuable information from passholders. The marketing email opt-ins feature collects email addresses for those interested in receiving updates about their pass and other experiences. By using Bandwango's External Marketing Report, Destination Gettysburg efficiently builds its subscriber base for newsletters like The Full Pour and The Crop Watch.

Striking the right balance in newsletter content is crucial. Joel Cymerman advises against overwhelming readers with too much information, instead opting for a strategic approach. By limiting content and allowing the website to provide in-depth details, the newsletters serve as a catalyst, driving traffic to the website for a more immersive experience.

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The Numbers: Success of the Pour Tour and Crop Hop Passes

Since the launch of the Crop Hop and Pour Tour earlier this year, these passes have garnered over 1,700 sign-ups and an impressive 3,489 check-ins combined. Marketing opt-ins have exceeded 800, providing Destination Gettysburg with a valuable pool of individuals to communicate with through newsletters and other updates.

For destinations with similar trails or experiences, Destination Gettysburg's success offers a blueprint for engagement. Regular newsletters are a powerful tool to keep passholders informed about trail activities. Bandwango's reporting system enhances communication, reminding passholders to check-in and utilize their passes, thus ensuring a continuous connection.

The Adams County Pour Tour and Crop Hop Passes, coupled with Destination Gettysburg's strategic use of newsletters and Bandwango technology, create a harmonious blend of exploration and engagement. These passes not only open doors to local businesses but also serve as a passport to the diverse and vibrant experiences that Adams County has to offer. As we raise a toast to the success of the Pour Tour and Crop Hop, it's clear that the journey through Adams County is one that leaves an indelible mark on all who embark upon it.