Empowering Diversity and Inclusion: Visit LEX and Tennessee Department of Tourist Development Case Study

Madison Strunk  |  January 16th, 2024

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives play a pivotal role in fostering a society that values and celebrates differences, creating environments where everyone can thrive. These initiatives strive to break down barriers, promote understanding, and ensure equal opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Bandwango offers a versatile platform for creating digital passports that enhance DEI initiatives. This case study explores two impactful projects – the "VisitLEX I Was Here" pass and the "U.S. Civil Rights Trail" pass created by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development – showcasing how Bandwango passports can be instrumental in supporting and promoting DEI goals.

Visit LEX I Was Here Passport

The "I Was Here" project began as a community initiative by local artist Marjorie Guyon in Lexington. It evolved into an exhibit of outdoor art throughout the city, with the goal of creating a free, public on-the-street museum telling the story of citizenship through art, music, and history.

Bandwango collaborated with the project, incorporating multiple updates and changes, including videos for the passport. Videos added a creative and interactive aspect to their pass, allowing a more personal approach. Arin Arnold-Davis from VisitLEX emphasized that Bandwango allowed the "I Was Here" project to turn its vision into reality. The success of the project led to international recognition, with the "I Was Here" project extending to Washington, DC, New York, and the One World Trade Tower.

The project has garnered significant traction with 224 signups since January 2022. This success is further emphasized by 114 customer marketing opt-ins, 45 completed passes/museum visits, and an impressive 285 check-ins. These numbers reflect a substantial engagement and participation rate, showcasing the impact of Bandwango's collaboration with the project.

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Tennessee Department of Tourist Development U.S. Civil Rights Trail

The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development initiated the U.S. Civil Rights Trail pass, aiming to boost visitation to historical sites and stimulate local spending by travelers. Bandwango's digital passport made it easy for passholders to engage with the initiative and redeem prizes. Patrick Green from the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development highlighted the success of the program, especially for those who prefer using their phones.

Though the Civil Rights Trail initially had fewer signups, the Ken Burns Pathway, a different pass launched by this organization saw significant success, receiving high marks for the trail and overall experience.

The "U.S. Civil Rights Trail" pass initiated by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development has contributed to the promotion of historical sites. Despite initially lower signups with 67 registrations, the pass demonstrated its effectiveness with 63 check-ins and 38 external marketing opt-ins, underscoring the positive impact of Bandwango passports in complementing existing DEI initiatives.

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These two examples illustrate the effectiveness of Bandwango passports as complementary tools for DEI initiatives. By seamlessly integrating technology with community-driven projects, Bandwango adds a fun and engaging element that drives participation and supports the broader goals of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. To learn more about how Bandwango passports can pair with your initiatives, sign up for our upcoming webinar! For further information and to get started on your DEI initiative pass, book a demo here.