Visit Omaha Provides Visitor Savings With Two Unique Packs

Emilie Harris  |  October 11th, 2019

Visitors can now experience Omaha without breaking their budget thanks to two Bandwango DXE programs – the Penny Pack and the Omaha Savings Pack. The two programs, launched in September 2018, have helped the destination connect their visitors to unique offerings while measuring economic impact and true visitor data.

The Penny Pack connects Omaha visitors to coupons they can redeem at 12 featured breweries. The online coupon pass, which is delivered instantly via text and email with nothing to download, tracks visitors who redeem coupons at partner breweries. Using this data, Visit Omaha has been able to prove the pass has driven over 542 distributions to their 12 brewery partners including Nebraska Brewing Company, Infusion Brewing Company and many more in August 2019 alone.

While proven visitor impact is a definite benefit to Visit Omaha, the pass has also helped them encourage visitors to navigate the destination in a truly local way, creating an experience that appeals to beer aficionados, adult travelers, conference attendees and more. With one more reason for travelers to visit Omaha, the destination has used the Bandwango platform to expand existing offerings and showcase the local beer scene.

While the Omaha Penny Pack focuses on the value proposition of “a penny saved is a pint earned,” the Savings Pack features exclusive discounts at family friendly attractions throughout Omaha. The goal of the pack is to spotlight attraction partners and provide an added incentive for visitors to enjoy the diverse array of museums, zoos and shopping in the area.

Using the Bandwango DXE system, Omaha now knows their customers typically start planning their itineraries roughly 24 days before arriving in destination. They can also track how many passes are active and how many passes are still unused.

This data means that Visit Omaha can now prompt travel-minded visitors who have not arrived in destination to explore more on or book a hotel if they haven’t already.

With these two programs Bandwango DXE brings Visit Omaha one step closer to understanding their visitor funnel and maximizing their marketing dollars.

Bandwango DXE is all about trackable metrics and real results. We’d love to bring that energy to your destination. If you’re interested in offering visitors savings in your destination and tracking data like the above, let’s talk!

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