Visit Detroit: Passport Revolutionizes Visitor Experience

Madison Strunk  |  July 18th, 2023

Bandwango passports have revolutionized the way local businesses attract and engage consumers. By offering various types of passes, such as paid passes, gamified passes, and savings passes, Bandwango provides a comprehensive solution for promoting local attractions. This case study focuses on the success of the Explore Detroit Pass, developed by Bandwango in collaboration with Visit Detroit, to enhance the visitor experience and boost merchant participation in Detroit.

The Explore Detroit Pass was created with the aim of providing a convenient and discounted way for visitors to explore the core downtown area of Detroit and its main attractions. Unlike gamified passes, this pass focuses solely on discounts, catering to both residents and tourists. To participate, merchants were required to offer a minimum discount of 20%, ensuring a substantial incentive for pass holders.

The Bandwango interface played a pivotal role in the success of the Explore Detroit Pass. By consolidating all of Visit Detroit's passes in one user-friendly platform, “Bandwango made it easy for people to access these discounts in one convenient spot,” said Amy Ritter of Visit Detroit. The passport does not occupy valuable phone storage space, is simple to use, and provides a seamless experience for users, especially for those who have signed up for multiple passes.

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Visit Detroit employed effective promotional strategies to maximize the reach of the Explore Detroit Pass. Consistent and engaging social media posts played a crucial role in generating interest and encouraging sign-ups. One noteable post from Visit Detroit highlights the Outdoor Adventure Center, one of the pass attractions. This post garnered significant attention, resulting in over 300 sign-ups in a single day. By continuing to promote the pass on a weekly basis and featuring different merchants, Visit Detroit maintained momentum and further amplified its reach.

The Explore Detroit Pass has yielded impressive results since its launch. A total of 2,149 sign-ups have been recorded, showcasing the pass's popularity among visitors and residents alike. With 671 coupon redemptions, the pass has effectively driven traffic to participating merchants. Additionally, 1,049 customers have opted in for external marketing messaging, allowing Visit Detroit to leverage these opt-ins for future campaigns. In the future, Visit Detroit plans to utilize reporting and statistics to encourage more merchants to join the Explore Detroit Pass. By sharing the pass's success with those who declined or did not respond, as well as with new businesses, Visit Detroit aims to expand the pass's reach and continue enhancing the visitor experience in Detroit.


Visit Detroit’s Explore Detroit Pass has proven to be a valuable tool in promoting local businesses, driving both residents and visitors to local businesses, and providing discounts along the way. With its user-friendly interface, effective promotional strategies, and impressive results, the Explore Detroit Pass serves as a shining example of the power of Bandwango's passport solution in fostering economic growth and enhancing the tourism industry. For more information, book a demo here!