Gamified Experiences

Gamified passes are a powerful solution designed to enhance the visitor experience, capture dynamic marketing data, and most importantly drive regional economic impact.

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Bandwango's gamified passports: Check in. Win Prizes

Prize Fulfillment
Bandwango takes the lift off by handling prize fulfillment through the passport.
Point Allocation
Your organization can set different points values for each action on the pass; meaning the check-in points value can be different than the discount redemption value.
Ease of Use
We make it easy for the consumer AND the merchant with easy reward redemption and check in options.


Let's Chat Points

With gamification, users will now be able to accrue points when they check-in or redeem discounts at a venue. Users will be able to see the total points they have earned for your organization within their mobile pass and decide how they want to use their points to cash in on prizes. During the pass building process, your organization will decide how many points you would like to allocate to actions like check-ins and redemptions of discounts.


Identify Prizes

You will want to ensure you know exactly what you are offering for prizes, quantity you will have available, and how you will value each of your offerings.

Point Allocation

The decision on how you will allocate your points throughout the pass is an important one. You can have different points values for each action on the pass meaning the check in points value can be different than the redemption value. Points can be used as an incentive for businesses to offer more enticing discounts if the points value at their business is higher than those without discounts.

Goals for Pass

Depending on your organizations goals, you will want to ensure you assign points to actions accordingly. If your main goal is to drive people to the local businesses, you can value check-ins as the highest point value. If you are hoping to see sales at the included businesses, you can assign redemptions to be a higher value. There are endless opportunities!

Point Value Changes

You will want to think thoroughly through how many points each businesses check in and redemption will be. You can not change points values assigned to a check-in or redemption after launch. You are, however, able to change the amount of points a prize is worth after launch.


Using gamified trails, destinations can drive engagement, which ultimately leads to loyalty. Forbes reports more than 80% of millennials and two-thirds of baby boomers have interested in getting rewards or prizes or prizes for their engagement with brands.

We know - it’s kind of unbelievable. Our case studies don’t lie though.

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