How Bandwango Works

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Each Bandwango passport is built with ease in mind


Search for things-to-do
Sign-up for a pass
Access the pass via text or e-mail
Start redeeming
Access discounts and earn prizes

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Business Owners

Input your business information into the onboarding form
Approve your offer on the passport preview
Print redemption instructions for easy staff access
Start redeeming customer passports!
If the passport is a paid offering, your business will be paid each month

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Merchant Cashier

Bandwango Clients

Strategize your pass launch with Bandwango experts
Begin merchant onboarding and outreach
Provide photos and other resources
Bandwango builds your pass and helps place it on your website
Execute your marketing strategy to get passholders

Client Pass Build
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Take the Guesswork Out of Reporting

When you use Bandwango to launch a free or paid passport, you unlock real-time reporting that uniquely combines revenue, demographic, and behavioral data to give you a unified view of your visitors’ in-destination experiences. These reports are formatted in easy-to-read dashboards, so your days of exporting data and manipulating charts are behind you.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Bandwango Managed Services

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