Bandwango's platform is an ideal solution for publishers seeking to engage with their readers in a new way. By integrating points of interest, key events, and local businesses into a mobile passport, publishers can provide their community with an immersive experience that is certain to captivate them. This approach not only enhances important metrics but also generates revenue while improving relations with local businesses.

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Popular Publisher Offerings

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"Best of" Tasting Pass

Turn your yearly "Best of" article into an interactive experience with local restaurants. It’s never been easier to guide visitors and locals to your community’s best craft breweries, distilleries, wineries and restaurants.
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Culinary Check-in Challenge

These free passes are built to entice and reward visitors and locals to move throughout your community’s best offerings. Using Gamified Trails, publishers can drive engagement, which ultimately leads to loyalty.

Top Attractions Pass

Encourage readers to visit the most popular attractions in your area. These passes are mobile solutions designed to enhance the visitor experience, capture dynamic marketing data, and most importantly drive regional economic impact.

Monetize Your Content Like Never Before

Bandwango allows publications to monetize their content through strategic ad placements and business inclusion in actionable passports. Check out our available digital pass ad placements here!

Promote your "Best of" Businesses!

Spotlighting local restaurants has never been easier. Bandwango passports collect restaurant deals and discounts, load in pre-fixe menus, and facilitate prizes for those diners who check-in at a predetermined number of restaurants. Optionally, the pass can be paid for by consumers and can include exclusive menu items.

Our sample passport is purposefully built to show off the different configurations we offer. Sign up and get inspired!

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A New Way to Engage with Readers

Discover a groundbreaking way to connect with your readers and boost revenue while fostering stronger ties with local businesses! Engage your audience with immersive experiences, drive key metrics, and create mutually beneficial partnerships with the community's favorite businesses. It's the ultimate solution for modern publishers seeking to thrive in today's dynamic landscape!

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