5 Step Guide to Passport Sponsorships

Madison Strunk  |  June 13th, 2023

Embarking on exciting journeys and creating new experience passports can come with a price tag. But what if there was a way to offset some of those costs? Look no further, as Bandwango offers a solution through passport ad placements. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through five essential steps to help you secure a passport sponsorship. This guide will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate the world of passport sponsorships successfully. So let's dive in and discover how you can turn your campaign dreams into reality with the help of a dedicated sponsor and Bandwango's innovative platform.

1. Build sponsorship packages

Having options for sponsorship packages means a multitude of organizations will be able to participate in sponsoring your digital passport. With the many ways that we can build ads into your pass, creating different packages is simple. Placement options include:

  1. Within the mobile pass - every customer that downloads the pass will see the advertisement each time they open the passport

  2. Email confirmation ad - customers will receive a notification email when they sign-up for the pass, include an ad within the email

  3. Landing page ad - on your website where customers sign-up for the passport

  4. Logo on print collateral - include sponsor logos on your flyers, window clings, coasters, etc

  5. Prize branding - include sponsor logos on your check-in (gamified pass) prizes

An example of different packages to present to your possible sponsors:

  1. Gold Tier Sponsor - Sponsor will receive all five sponsorship Promotion Options for the duration of the campaign

  2. Silver Tier Sponsor - Pick either Prize branding or one In Mobile Pass ad + Email Confirmation Ad for the duration of the campaign

  3. Bronze Tier Sponsor - One In Mobile Pass Ad for the duration of the campaign and logo on print collateral

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Sponsor Value: Pass Campaigns for Organizations

Sponsorship of a Bandwango passport brings many benefits. Sponsors will be provided with access to specific audiences and increased brand exposure. Keep in mind - your passport is built with a target audience in mind so finding a sponsor to fit your campaign is important.

As mentioned, your campaign has the opportunity to bring increased brand exposure for your sponsors. Maybe the locals that download your pass aren’t aware that the sponsor organization exists, but now they visit their store or organization and it becomes a favorite of theirs. Perhaps a visitor is in the area for only a short time and decides to explore the town or county, the first place they’ll start is with the sponsor they saw on the ad in the passport they’ve been using to explore! Sponsoring a Bandwango passport also brings data insights and analytics. 

3. Plan outreach to community organizations

Finding sponsors that align with your passport and its target audience is imperative to a successful sponsorship. For example, the West Virginia Waterfalls passport could be sponsored by a local outdoor and adventure store! This encourages the outdoorsy audience to visit the local store that carries their favorite outdoor brands. You can find these organizations by looking through your membership base and doing research on companies with similar content that matches your passport theme.

If you find an organization that you believe would be a good fit with your passport, reach out to our team! We can provide you with a draft proposal for you to start the conversation with your potential sponsors.

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4. Execution of sponsorship

Now you have your sponsor and what package they committed to for their sponsorship. It’s time to execute their advertisements! If you are promoting them through advertisements, ensure that all ads are properly designed. Including that, they are user-friendly with the correct colors, sizing, fonts, and logos.

Once ads have been designed and approved, send them to our team at Bandwango! We will want to place your ads as quickly as possible to ensure that your sponsor is receiving all the brand recognition they are looking for through this sponsorship.

If sponsors are committed to a prize sponsorship, double-check the details. Who is fulfilling prizes? Will they be mailed or do you have a pickup option? Of course, Bandwango can help with prizes! We have many options for the different types of prizes and can even help with fulfillment.

5. Report success of sponsorship back to organizations

Once the passport and sponsorship have been live for a bit, share the successful reports with your sponsors! Let them know how many sign-ups the passport has gotten, check-ins, and more.

We recommend using UTM links for ads so that sponsors can track how many clicks are coming from a specific advertisement. This can help determine the success of the ads and if the partnership is valuable to continue in the future. We have reports in the Bandwango backend that show clicks from passports for in-pass ads. Sharing the success with your sponsors can encourage them to continue their sponsorships. Success stories can also be used to drive sponsors for future campaigns and passports!

With Bandwango's 5-step guide to passport sponsorships, the journey towards securing financial support for your creative passport becomes clearer and more achievable. By leveraging the power of Bandwango's platform and following the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be well-prepared to approach potential sponsors and demonstrate the value of partnering with you. Remember, the key lies in building strong connections, showcasing your campaign's results, and keeping your sponsor engaged throughout the process. So don't hesitate to embark on this exciting path and unlock the opportunities that Bandwango passport sponsorships can bring. Start your adventure today and make your campaign dreams a reality with the support of a dedicated sponsor and Bandwango's cutting-edge platform. Bon voyage!