The Benefits of Pass Refreshes

Madison Strunk  |  February 27th, 2023

While refreshing a pass may be a daunting task, it can result in a very successful campaign. Bandwango passports are given an expiration date during pass build so that the pass is up to date with the latest information and businesses. The expiration date also gives both the Bandwango team and the pass owners an opportunity to look at how the pass performed and make changes as you see fit. You can then decide which marketing strategies you would like to reuse or implement new campaigns moving forward! Pass refreshes are important for several reasons and can be beneficial to overall sign-ups, check-ins, and redemptions.

In addition to updating old information and being able to make changes, a passport refresh also allows for a new marketing campaign. This means you can re-engage your consumers with new deals, prizes, and a fresh pass look that might peak their interest!

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Here’s a few things to think about when refreshing your Bandwango passport:

  • What are your organization’s goals for the Bandwango pass?

    • Looking for more first-party data? First-party data is great for marketing to users in the future whether it be about a pass or other events in your community!.

    • Are you looking to get more passholders in the doors of local businesses? Refreshes are an opportunity to engage consumers with new discounts and prizes which will lead to engagement with local businesses!

  • Is there anything you would like to change from the first launch?

    • Would you include new deals or prizes? Maybe you found that your merchant list was too large after your first launch, this is the time to narrow down who should be included on the pass. Maybe you had the opposite problem and didn’t have enough merchants on the pass, this is the perfect opportunity to add more!

    • Doing a passport refresh allows you to review your marketing strategy and where your pass is placed on your website! Is there something you did really well in the first launch to market your pass? Repurpose your materials or campaign! What could be done differently to make the campaign more successful this time around? Maybe your pass wasn’t visible enough on your website, let’s find a new place to have that integrated! Or maybe your landing page was just the way you wanted it and was very beneficial to marketing your pass, perfect, don’t change it! Take this time to review what should be changed and what can stay the same.

A few reminders for you during and after your pass refresh:

  • You may see less sign ups on a pass refresh and that is ok!

    • You are narrowing down your audience to capture the most engaged users, don’t be discouraged.

  • Your first party data is not going anywhere!

    • You will be able to access all of your data from the initial pass in Bandwango reports. This means you can capture the audience and encourage repeat visitors by emailing past users. *Pro tip! Use Bandwango’s messaging system to reach out to your passholders and let them know they can resign up for a refreshed pass.

Checkout the success we have seen from Virginia Wines Pass Refresh:

2021 : 3349 sign ups

2022: 1340 sign ups

2021: 2416 unused passes vs. 933 active passes (29% active passes)

2022: 686 unused passes vs. 654 active passes (49% active passes)

2021: 4722 discount redemptions (141% redemption activity)

2022: 4550 discount redemptions (344% redemption activity)

2021: 4386 check ins (131% check in activity)

2022: 4287 check ins (324% check in activity)

70% of the sign ups for the 2022 pass were NEW users, 30% had signed up for the 2021 pass. 

As you can see, after the Virginia Wine Pass refresh, they had less sign ups in 2022 but that's okay! Do you see their engagement? Over 4500 redemptions! Virginia Wine passes are more active after their refresh than it was before and that is exactly why Bandwango recommends doing a pass refresh.

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If your pass expiration date is coming up, don’t sweat it! Just start thinking through what worked, what didn’t, and what you could possibly change for your next launch to make your Bandwango passport better than ever.

If you are looking for more information on the Virginia Wine pass refresh, watch our recent webinar here! It is packed full of wonderful information from Virginia Wine.