The Campus Visit Experience Is About More Than Campus

Madison Strunk  |  August 1st, 2023

When a prospective student makes a campus visit, it’s about more than just a tour. It’s about an experience. Students and families, as we all know, are looking for a “fit,” and while they’ll want to see classrooms, dining halls, and residence halls, they’ll also want to know: what will this town, city, community be like. And the colleges and universities that succeed in sharing that local community with its best foot forward will have a leg up on the competition.

That’s why we created the Bandwango Campus Visit Experience pass. Using our cost-effective technology, which has powered millions of experiences in cities across the country, we offer curated cultural and experience passes to campus to boost excitement about the community and showcase the diversity, vibrancy and excitement of the town students will be coming to when they enroll.

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There are a lot of reasons you might want to look at boosting attention to local attractions, dining and experiences as part of your campus visit. A campus visit experience pass can help you:

  •  Leverage an extra tool to help recruit a targeted student population or boost your inclusivity and diversity recruitment efforts.

  •  Boost recruitment of students from a target area, state or school. A Bandwango experience pass will set you apart.

  • Make a statement about what’s going on in town beyond the bar scene by highlighting culture, food and the arts.

  • Help meet your president, provost and mayor’s goal to move up on the list of rankings like Princeton Review’s Town Gown Relations are Great.”

  • Welcome visiting admission counselors, parents, alumni or others who can influence your enrollment funnel.

Today’s tight budgets mean that even if campus leadership wants you to meet these goals, you’re going to have to do it as efficiently as possible. We’ve been doing this for years, and the great thing about cultural passports is that a big portion of the costs are not incurred until the pass is used. That’s right – you show you care by just making the offer, stand out against the competition, and only pay for passes if they are used.


In the end, students and families will choose the campus that is memorable, feels like a second home, and truly leaves an impression on them. And in the world of traditional-age student recruitment, an enrollment cliff means that competition will be very high for high school graduates coming to college. Let’s just say that we all recognize it’s currently a bit of a ‘student’s market.’ So, it will pay to roll out the red carpet, whatever your goals.

Bandwango strives to keep our campus partners, merchants, and users happy and build an enjoyable experience with our passports. I bet that sounds a lot like the first thing you say in campus tour guide training. It’s a challenging time for enrollment. Competition is high, and students are looking carefully at where they will select their one and only alma mater.

You can’t afford to make the visit experience mediocre, or have it end at the boundaries of campus for a student that’s really looking to choose a second home town. Don’t wait to get started in making your campus visit experience even more memorable, and book your demo here! (higher ed demo page)

Wondering who we work with? It’s a vibrant, diverse and eclectic group. Check out the 430+ organizations with live passports here!