Midwest Summer Experiences Curated With Digital Passports

Erin Griss  |  June 27th, 2023

Finding local things to do is now easier than ever with curated experience passports in the midwest. Designed to captivate residents and tourists alike, these passports are set to revolutionize the way people discover and engage with the vibrant offerings of your community.

Downtown Development Organizations, DMO’s, and organizations nationwide are harnessing the power of Bandwango’s digital passport building technology to curate their own unique itineraries of attractions and must-visit locations within their destination, driving both visitors and locals through the doors of businesses. From historic landmarks to artistic marvels, culinary delights to thrilling outdoor adventures, these passports provide a diverse range of experiences suitable for every taste and interest. Users can easily sign up online for their pass, and embark on unforgettable journeys, immersing themselves in the unique fabric of midwestern states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and more.


Unique Offerings:

  • Exclusive Deals and Offers: Unlocking the Digital Experience Passports opens the door to a world of special discounts and promotions. Our partnering businesses have graciously extended exclusive offers, encouraging passport holders to indulge in unique experiences while enjoying great savings.

  • Passport Gamification: Many of our passes come with a gamified feature. As users check in and visit local businesses, they accumulate points that can be redeemed for exclusive prizes from our clients and partners.

  • Real-time updates: All passes are hosted and accessed through a mobile optimized website. This means no downloads for the user and real time updates! Passes also come equipped with a messaging feature that can be used to communicate pass updates, information, upcoming events and local happenings so passholders are always in the know.

  • Interactive Maps: Navigating the city has never been easier! The passports come equipped with interactive maps, enabling users to effortlessly locate attractions, restaurants, shops, and more. Users can plan their routes, explore neighboring areas and discover new treasures with a few taps on their smartphones.

Summer 2023 Pass Highlights: Discover the Best of the Season

Minnesota Scoop Passport

Embark on a tasty tour of the summer and try ice-cream throughout the state of Minnesota with Explore Minnesota’s MN Scoop Passport. Users can sign up for free and instantly receive direction and discounts to 50+ local ice cream shops and creameries. It’s the perfect pass to have in your back pocket throughout the coming summer months.

Each business on the pass offers an exclusive sweet deal for passholders to redeem when they visit. Grab your friends or family and enjoy buy one, get one deals, dollars off, and discounts galore.

You can learn more about the MN Scoop Passport by visiting Explore Minnesota’s Website.

Madison on Tap Craft Beverage Pass

Madison on Tap is your free roadmap to 30+ Breweries, Cideries, and Distilleries in the Madison, Wisconsin area with discounts and prizes along the way. This pass features Bandwango’s gamification technology - when user’s sign up and check in at the different venues on the pass, not only will they have access to exclusive discounts on their purchases, but they will also accumulate points for each check-in, which can be redeemed for exclusive prizes.

Destination Madison invites its passholders to go beyond the beer, bubbles, and bourbon and explore the culture and community surrounding their craft beverage scene. Each taproom, each sip, each memory is a part of a larger story; one that starts with a beverage and ends with something even better.

You can learn more about the Madison on Tap Craft Beverage Pass by visiting Destination Madison’s Website.

Iowa State Parks Passport

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is encouraging visitors, locals and nature enthusiasts to get outside this summer by checking into more than 60 state parks and forests with their State Parks Pass. Each park has a different point value (either 100, 200 or 300 points), with “hidden gem parks” earning higher points!

Points can be earned and redeemed for exclusive prizes such as savings on an overnight camping trip, a sticker, or a mug. Each time a user accumulates 300 points, their name is entered into a drawing to win the grand sweepstakes package - a kayak, paddle and other supplies or a three night stay at a cabin in Lake Darling State Park.

You can learn more about the Iowa State Parks Pass by visiting Iowa DNR’s Website.

Bandwango’s digital passport technology is revolutionizing the way visitors and locals explore, connect, and experience all that your destination has to offer. Bandwango can also directly measure how many visitors a DMO has sent through the doors of their local businesses by tracking where those visitors originate through its technology platform. From incentivizing travelers to visit, reporting on visitors’ activity, and funneling their dollars to your local businesses - each Bandwango passport drives destination marketing in a whole new way. As you can see, there are plenty of ways our clients are getting creative with our product. For more information about Bandwango, check out our resources at bandwango.com.

For media inquiries or more passes specific to your region contact:

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