Track Summer Concert Series Attendance Better Than Ever With a Bandwango Pass

Emilie Harris  |  February 13th, 2024
As the temperature rises and the days grow longer, our Downtown Association clients are gearing up to infuse their city centers with live music. What better way to orchestrate this symphony of sounds than with the innovative power of Bandwango?

Your Downtown partners get the spotlight they deserve when you use a Bandwango pass to help track locals and visitors to your summer concert series. With Bandwango passports, you can track concert goers, add deals and discounts into the mix and incentivize people to keep coming back for future shows!

Here are 3 reasons to launch a Summer Concert Series passport!

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1. Utilize Tracking

Bandwango can help you track the number of people attending your events. But more than that, it can help you plan for the future! Are you left wondering what times work best for your audience? Or maybe which concert location or genre of music is most popular? Our real-time reporting dashboard can help you draw conclusions that optimize your future events!

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2. Generate Excitement

Getting in front of your audience early can help ensure they plan their summer around your programming. A Concert Pass can create significant buzz and excitement within the community and allow you to generate earned media to tease upcoming performances, feature local business sponsors and promote other seasonal offerings from Downtown businesses.

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3. Encourage repeat visitors

You want your locals and visitors to think about your summer concerts as a must-do every week! Incentivize them to come back to future concerts in the series by gamifying your pass. Using Bandwango’s technology, you can run sweepstakes for concert-goers or give out physical prizes to the patrons who show their love of music each week. Our research shows that incentives like stickers, pens and cups create loyalty and keep people engaged in your promotions.

By launching this innovative program in time for the season, your Downtown Association can amplify downtown vibrancy, cultivate community connections, and orchestrate a summer concert series that really sings.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the solutions tab on our website and feel free to book a demo for a personalized demonstration of how Bandwango’s product can serve your community!