Innovative Attraction Passes For Every Destination

Attractions are the powerhouse lure that brings visitors not only to their doors, but to the cities and regions around them. From amusement parks to museums, monuments to spectacles, attractions can encompass an incredible views, showcase historical treasures, provide thrilling adventure and promise experiences that range from delightful to delightfully odd.

Of course, they can be so many other things as well, but one thing they all seem to have in common is that people want to see, experience, play in and otherwise enjoy attractions in all their forms

Go, See, Do, Experience

Inevitably a reputation of a place rests to an extent on the answer to the question: “What is there to do there?” And invariably, that answer will include a litany of known attractions, or a proud exclamation of the main attraction: “You’ve got to see our world famous giant ball of yarn! Can’t miss it!”

At the heart, when considering what there is to do, the attractions that facilitate experiences are notably the first that come to mind.

From zoos to planetariums, attractions are also called “tourist attractions,” but the fact is that most attractions don’t survive on tourists alone, but enjoy a steady stream of local patrons and staycationers as well.

Attraction Passes With Bandwango

Assemble the best activities in your destination to target virtually any demographic. Family attractions, cultural activities, adventure travel – it’s all possible with our cloud-based platform. Zero Integration – get up and running within days, not months Instant delivery via text and email—no apps to download Time-based options target short-term visitors and locals alike

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SLC, the Bandwango Attractions Pass O.G.

Not only a major tourism destination, the capital city of the Beehive State is buzzing with families who come from the suburbs to the city to take advantage of the cultural and kid-friendly activities available to them.

Because of this, Salt Lake City’s Connect Pass is wildly popular among locals as well as those traveling through and visiting.

The Connect Pass provides access or discounts to 13 different attractions in the Salt Lake City area including the Utah Olympic Park, the zoo, museums and a planetarium among the venues. Depending on how many attractions pass holders get to, savings are in the 50-80% range and there are additional perks or “add-ons” offered in conjunction with the Connect Pass.

Big Ticket Adventure Pass

The official Twin Cities Adventure Pass focuses on attractions in Minneapolis, Bloomington and Saint Paul as well as the attractions within the famed Mall of America. With the 3-day pass, visitors get full admission into 7 incredible attractions that range from an indoor amusement park to an aquarium and a lot more.

As the main cultural and sports hub in Minnesota and points beyond, the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area is home to many landmarks and places of interest. In order to allow visitors that come from far and near to make the most of their stay and experience the thrilling energy of the Twin Cities, Bloomington worked with Bandwango to create the Big Ticket Adventure Pass.

With a savings of 30%, visitors can see more, do more and make more memories, while the DMO—Bloomington in this case—can track and measure and glean useful data from pass usage and redemption. Perhaps even more so, Bloomington can look at adventure pass sales and redemptions and point to an exact number, a specific value of economic impact they drove via the adventure pass.

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Embrace The Adventure And “Pass” It On

One definition of an attraction is “a place of interest where tourists visit, typically for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, offering leisure and amusement.”

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