The 5 Pillars of Experience Curation

Emilie Harris  |  January 3rd, 2023

Our community partners are the best judges of what experiences will work for them, but it can be intimidating to start building passports with Bandwango if you don’t have a solid idea in mind. Additionally, having buy-in from different stakeholders and community partners can be the difference between launching a successful passport and launching a passport that struggles. With this in mind, we encourage our prospects and clients to think through the 5 pillars of experience curation before jumping into their first Bandwango meeting.

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First Pillar: Not all experiences are created equal

At the end of the day, success relies on passholders seeing an experience and finding value and fun in it. Bandwango can be an excellent element to introduce in order to help bolster visitation to parts of a community, but the easiest path to success is to follow your most popular visitor and local requests.

Where to start: What’s the most popular piece of content on your website? Or, what existing experience, program or event gets the most engagement?

Second Pillar: Organizational goals are the cornerstone

When your organization is aligned on what you expect the experience to do for your community, everyone wins! Thinking through whether the experience will develop a new product, give your organization a competitive advantage or incentivize people to do something that already exists can help drive alignment.

Where to start: Get multiple parties to agree on your organization’s ultimate goal in launching the passport.

Third Pillar: Consider the consumer

You might think up a cool passport concept that resonates with your organization, but if consumers don’t clearly understand what’s in it for them, they won’t sign up or purchase for the pass. Think about your target audience when considering your experience. Why would they want to get the passport?

Where to start: Consider how the passport will change how the passholder would usually experience your location. Will it be difficult to get them to change their behavior?

Fourth Pillar: Your merchants matter

Most Bandwango clients are looking to prove their value to their merchants, but there are a variety of ways to accomplish that using our technology. Start by considering your existing relationships with your local business partners. Then, consider what would improve those relationships, or what elements of the passport process may cause friction.

Where to start: Do you know the specific things the merchant will need to agree to in order to be involved?

Fifth Pillar: Tell a success story

Don’t wait to think about how you’ll define success. Setting your stakeholders up to expect certain results and building a campaign around those results is one way to ensure alignment across the organization and those you report to.

Where to start: What KPI are you most interested in driving, and when will you report on it to your stakeholders?