Bandwango's Platform Serves Diverse Clientele

Erin Griss  |  August 22nd, 2023

August 22, 2023 -  As businesses and organizations seek innovative ways to engage their audiences, Bandwango's platform has emerged as the go-to solution, delivering unparalleled results across various industries. Mo Parikh, the visionary CEO of Bandwango, is at the forefront of this transformative technological movement that is reshaping the way businesses engage with their customers.

"Bandwango’s mission is to support local businesses through the creation of unique experiences. To date, our partnership with hundreds of Destination Marketing Organizations has supported this mission by sending millions of customers into the doors of cafes, wineries, breweries, museums, pizzerias, and more. The ability of our platform to enable more community organizations to reach their goals presents a significant opportunity to further our mission to send tens of millions of customers into the doors of local businesses." Mo Parikh, CEO of Bandwango

Traditionally renowned for empowering Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) with seamless digital experiences and curated visitor offerings, Bandwango has successfully expanded its reach to assist a diverse range of clients.

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Along with its user friendly setup and simple sign-up processes, Bandwango's technology also provides live reporting on users' activity as they engage with their passport and checkin to events or visit attractions and businesses. Clients using the Bandwango product greatly value its robust reports and first-party data collection that can be leveraged toward future marketing endeavors.

From arts and culture organizations to educational institutions to business and community development organizations, the platform has demonstrated its adaptability and effectiveness in driving customer engagement and boosting revenues.

Digital Experiences drive economic and downtown development nationwide

Thrive Companies revives neglected land and builds high quality homes, neighborhoods and stimulating communities within the Columbus, Ohio region. To enhance the quality of life of their clients and residents, Thrive Companies launched Thrivecard, using Bandwango's digital pass software to make this product convenient and accessible for all members of the community.

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Users are able to sign-up for their free Thrivecard mobile pass and receive access to exclusive discounts and activities with over 30 local businesses around Central Ohio. This mutually beneficial partnership incentivizes Columbus residents to shop and explore locally, while sending traffic to local businesses and keeping dollars within their local economy.

Economic and Downtown Development organizations are one of Bandwango's top client segments, using the technology to bring a new life to their communities and report on the data from their locals and visitors.

Higher ed organizations utilize Bandwango to engage communities

By inventorying and promoting murals in all 67 of Alabama's counties, the University of Alabama's Center for Economic Development hopes to encourage both locals and tourists to find someplace new and discover the beautiful art Alabama has to offer. Using Bandwango's Technology, they launched the Alabama Mural Trail to provide the state of Alabama a sense of community, to drive economic impact, and to bring people together.

For other universities or higher ed organizations looking to serve their campus and local communities, the Bandwango platform provides an organized way to provide discounted admission to attractions, cultivate unique itineraries of things to do, and encourage locals, visitors, students, alumni, and their families to dive into all that their community has to offer.

Bandwango's Product Serves as a Seamless Event Ticketing Technology

Several event planning organizations are harnessing Bandwango's technology to streamline ticketing and gather data on their event attendees in a whole new way.

Bandwango had the privilege of leading ticketing for one of Utah Pride Center's largest events, the Utah Pride Festival. Utah Pride Center was able to generate over $700,ooo in item sales for general admission to this multi-day event alone, and over 25,000 attendees were admitted to the event instantaneously by scanning the QR code on their phone, using Bandwango's ticketing technology.

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Smaller scale events have seen success with Bandwango's ticketing capabilities as well including the Utah Arts Festival, Muskoka Arts and Crafts, and more.

News Stations Exchange Value for Value with Local Businesses and Engage with their Communities in an Innovative Way

In a pioneering move to foster a stronger sense of community and support for local businesses, Fox 21 Local News in Southern Colorado has launched two innovative paid passes – the Food Truck Pass and the Colorado Springs On Tap Craft Brewery Passport. Recognizing the economic challenges faced by local restaurants and establishments, the television station has taken a proactive approach to address this issue while simultaneously enhancing their engagement with the community.

The introduction of the Food Truck Pass and the Colorado Springs Craft Brewery Passport serves as a value for value solution. Those who sign-up for these passes gain exclusive access to a curated selection of participating food trucks and craft breweries, unlocking special deals, discounts, and promotions that they can enjoy throughout the year. The passes not only provide added value to the local news consumers but also offer a lifeline to businesses by generating much-needed revenue and foot traffic. In exchange for their participation on the passes, local food establishments and breweries also receive exclusive advertising packages and coverage from the television station.

This innovative partnership has allowed Fox 21 Local News to transcend the traditional role of a news broadcaster. This creative approach showcases how media outlets can evolve beyond traditional advertising models and become integral contributors to the success and well-being of the communities they serve.

Food and Beverage Associations Capture Audiences with Gamified Tasting Incentives

Bandwango's product has notoriously catered to dozens of wine, beer and dining associations. Gamified wine and beer trails are Bandwango's bread and butter, but the growing interest in restaurant and dining experiences has brought on more uniquely niche clientele.

Beef councils nationwide in states including Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York are using Bandwango's product to promote restaurants and support local farmers. Farmers and agribusinesses are the leading economic driver for several of these states, and passes such as Beef your Way through PA, Eat Beef Ohio, Texas Beef Council's BBQ Quest, and more encourage consumers to eat locally sourced beef at local restaurants, funneling dollars into local economies.

Nebraska Beef Council's Beef Passport has seen much success, with over 1,400 pass signups since April 2023, and 1,155 unique visits by customers to local restaurants. Using Bandwango's robust reporting dashboard, Nebraska Beef is able to report on exactly which restaurants users are visiting and if they choose to redeem discounts included in the passport when ordering beef-based meals.

Bandwango’s digital passport and ticketing technology is revolutionizing the way businesses capture their audiences and report on their local and visitor activity. From incentivizing travelers to visit, engaging local life, and funneling their dollars to local businesses - each Bandwango passport drives economic impact in a whole new way. And as you can see, there are plenty of ways our clients are getting creative with our product. For more information about Bandwango, or examples of clients and their campaigns, check out our resources at

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