5 Reasons to Launch a Savings Passport Using Bandwango

Emilie Harris  |  January 3rd, 2023

Savings Passports are the Bandwango equivalent of a digital coupon book. With a single place to house deals and discounts in your community, these passports provide value with the added benefit of being easy to use for both merchants and passholders. Most clients choose to include optional deals and discounts within check-in challenges, but here are 5 reasons why your community should consider launching a Savings Passport.

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1. They’re an easy introduction into the Bandwango process

Most clients will build more than one passport with Bandwango, but Savings Passports give both clients and merchants a smooth introduction to the platform. Most merchants are used to being asked to provide deals and discounts. With Bandwango’s process, this is easier than ever.

2. Savings Passes can be great for short campaigns

Savings Passports aren’t just for year-round deals and discounts. Some of the most successful Bandwango programs are short duration Savings Passes. Think of this solution the next time you consider launching a month-long campaign.

3. Like all Bandwango passports, they perform best when they’re focused on a theme

Savings Passports are used most often when the discounts included in the passport follow an easily communicated theme. Themes can spotlight a particular audience - like the Ithaca Loves Teachers Pass, which includes deals and discounts only available to educators. Or, themes can focus on the merchants included, like the Pikes Peak Attractions Coupon book, which features high value savings at top attractions in the area.

4. Your community won’t have to budget for prizes

Gamified passports are highly appealing to consumers, but budgeting additional dollars to account for prizes can feel overwhelming. With Savings Passports, the incentive for a consumer to continue using the passport is that there are additional deals that they find valuable.

5. Make it easy on your merchants by standardizing the discounts

Most merchants want to offer similar deals and discounts. Instead of feeling as if you’re stifling a merchant by pre-determining the deal or discount they should offer for the passport, know that you are giving them a way to ensure their offering is of similar perceived value. Additionally, consumers find offerings with consistent deals and discounts more enticing. Some of our top performing passports offer BOGO deals for all included merchants.

To learn more about Bandwango Savings Passes, visit our solutions page.