What Makes Bandwango Unique

Madison Strunk  |  March 13th, 2023

You’ve seen the name “Bandwango” floating around, maybe you even know of an organization that utilizes our passports but you just haven’t pulled the trigger on booking a demo. It’s possible you have seen a few other options for digital passports and you’re wondering, “What makes Bandwango different?”. We have compiled a list of reasons that explain why Bandwango is special and the best option for your organization.

First up and most importantly, we want to keep it simple for both you and your users! We don’t use an app for the passports that you choose to build, instead Bandwango builds each passport as a mobile-optimized website. This is notable for several reasons, starting with, the passport will not take up any precious storage space on the users’ phones. That can be reserved for adorable cat videos and pretty sunsets pictures. Another major advantage of Bandwango using a mobile-optimized website is that we are driving traffic to your website, not an app. This gives users the opportunity to explore other content and can easily be tracked through Google Analytics to see how your website, landing page, and passport are doing!

But fear not, just because we don’t use an app does not mean your users will not have easy access to their passport! When they sign up, there is no login required. Passholders will fill out the checkout form to receive their pass through an individually tokenized link. They will then access the pass with just their email. After signing up, they can add the passport to their phone home screen for easy access but once again, not taking up phone storage.


When it comes to your users visiting businesses on the pass, we like to keep it straightforward with 3 redemption options. GPS redeeming keeps it simple by allowing access to the user’s location to check-in to the business, PIN codes are a great way to redeem and have the user enter a PIN at each individual location, and lastly simple redemption, its right in the name, “simple”.

Let’s not forget the most important part, prizes! There is absolutely no emailing necessary to receive prizes on a gamified pass. Simply check-in to businesses using your pass and redeem right there in the prize tab. Your prize will then be available for local pick up or shipped to you!

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Not only is Bandwango a great option for consumers, but also for you. Bandwango strives to help build a better relationship with your merchants. Decide which businesses you would like to highlight on your passes. Then, Bandwango will help facilitate the conversations with those businesses to ensure the understanding of how our technology works and provide resources to educate front-line staff on the redemption process. Furthermore, our onboarding services allow merchants to opt-in to programs specifically designed to drive business through their doors and allows them to provide tailored deals/discounts.

Looking for creative but easy ways to market your pass and drive sign-ups? Check-out Bandwango’s design services add-on! If you need collateral to promote your passport, we have got you covered! Our marketing team works closely with designers to provide you the best options for flyers, window clings, table tents and so much more! All collateral is trackable through Google Analytics so that you know where the users are coming from!

Which leads to our last point, real-time reporting. Bandwango gives you access to all of your reports so that you know exactly what is happening with your pass. Our Client Success team will give you training and back end access for you to log in and pull first-party data and pass success. Ever having troubles with a pass? We provide backend support/services with our call center, can make updates in real time based on client and merchant needs/changes

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Bandwango strives to keep our clients, merchants, and users happy to ensure an enjoyable experience using our passports. Don’t wait to get started working with Bandwango and book your demo here!

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