Enhance Your NACAC Experience With a Bandwango Cultural Pass

Madison Strunk  |  September 11th, 2023

NACAC 2023 in Baltimore is all about the “Power of Us,” and Bandwango is proud to be exhibiting, sponsoring, and offering a unique cultural pass to attendees as part of this theme. We’ve had collaborative relationships as the core of our business for years, and over 10 million experiences have powered the success of our partners.

That’s why we’ve decided at NACAC to premiere our technology for the first time as a unique, tailored Campus Visit Experience Pass, the first of its kind technology to help invite students and families to experience a city alongside their campus while they engage in the college search.

That’s right, with virtually no work on the part of the admission team, and at low cost, Bandwango can help you instantly engage in powerful partnerships with local arts, cultural, food and entertainment attractions to show prospective students and their families great experiences during their visit and beyond. Sign up for the pass here!

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And we’re giving you a hands on demo with a free cultural pass to explore Baltimore and try out the technology at NACAC. The Bandwango NACAC Experience Pass (link) Includes:

·         Baltimore Museum of Art

·         Baltimore Museum of Industry

·         National Aquarium