Lead Generation Tips and Tricks for First-party Data Collection

Emilie Harris  |  April 26th, 2022

Bandwango is an excellent tool for first party data collection, which has become more important in recent years than ever before.

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The short explanation for this rise in importance is that users are demanding more privacy and, the internet, which has long relied on cookies to serve advertising, is being forced to change.

Capturing first party data allows advertisers to bypass some of this red tape by using collected consumer information to advertise to those users who have interacted with their brand in the past.

Bandwango is the perfect way to capture first party data, but it’s not the only way! In this blog, we’re taking a look at a few innovative strategies communities can use to snag meaningful consumer opt-ins.

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1. Maximize your existing opportunities

If your newsletter opt-ins and visitor guide requests are already on your website and capturing first party data from visitors, then focus on maximizing the impact of those tools.

First, make sure that you’re thinking about the website placement of these forms on your site. A/B testing site placement can be a good first step!

💡 Try this! Follow-up with Visitor Guide requests the following year. If a person requested your Visitor Guide during October of last year, it’s possible October is when they do their vacation planning. Follow-up with this lead by sending them your newest Visitor Guide along with a survey they can take. This survey could ask them about their vacation habits and whether they visited your destination last year after requesting a guide.

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2. Run a Contest

It’s obvious why this is compelling as a way to capture first party information, but let’s look at some stats!

  • Contests have an almost 34% conversion rate

  • Social media’s auto-fill option can increase conversion rates by 189%

  • Peak contest duration is 25-60 days, so plan accordingly!

💡 Try this! Don’t wait to interact with your new leads. Send them an e-mail thanking them for their submission and pointing them to some other stuff they’ll love. You don’t want a submission to be your lead’s first and last interaction with your brand. A post-contest “loser” e-mail can also be a fun way to keep people engaged. Consider a consolation prize, promo code or fun content as a way to reach out to those who didn’t win.

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3. Try Chat Marketing

Don’t neglect your DM’s! These are hot leads that you’re actively engaging with. Make sure that engaged social followers have plenty of opportunities to opt-in to your newsletters. Automating this is a good way to make sure it happens every time.

ManyChat is a compelling Chat Marketing tool that allows users to pair SMS marketing with Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger. This tool can help you qualify leads with conversations or field customer service requests.

💡 Try this! ManyChat has a free option! Test it out for yourself or upgrade to a Pro plan for just $15 a month.