Fall-friendly Passports You Should Consider

Kaitlyn Eady  |  April 10th, 2024

When the air gets crisp and jackets return, Bandwango clients can feel stuck in between their winter programs and their summer success. How do you bridge the gap between the two seasons and give your locals and visitors a reason to get out and enjoy the autumn hustle and bustle? Here are a few ideas for fall-friendly passes to inspire your next pass build.

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Whether your downtown is decked in pumpkin themed decor or pumpkin patches rule parking lots in the area, a pumpkin themed pass throughout your community is a perfect way to inspire people to get in the fall spirit.

These scavenger hunt style check-in challenges always perform well when positioned around a seasonal offering. Challenge your locals and visitors to snap photos on their Great Pumpkin Hunt and tag your socials in the post! For each time they check in - at a local merchant or at a fall backdrop in your destination, they earn points they can redeem for prizes!

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Oktoberfest Passport

The perfect time to launch your paid brew pass? October, of course! With a paid brew pass, you can use Bandwango to directly pay out your local brewery partners for visits to their location. Make the pass even more special by promising flights with Oktoberfest flavors and offering a promo code for those who purchase their pass in October.

After October, this initiative can transition to a year-round brew pass. If you’re interested in a paid pass program, check out this landing page for more information!

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Haunted Guide Passport

Does your Downtown have a spooky heritage? Use Bandwango’s passport to show off the haunts adrenaline seekers should experience. With Bandwango’s ability to load in audio and video files, your stories can lead passholders on a journey of their own. Bonus - if there’s a local business tied to a haunted story, ask that location to offer a special deal or discount to their spooky visitors!

If you ask us, this sounds like the perfect launch party opportunity. Hello, costume party!

You don’t have to do much to make a fall pass special! We recommend featuring 15 or fewer locations and focusing on your marketing promotions for these campaigns. 

Take advantage of the fall locals and visitors hoping to explore before the holiday season. If you think about this pass build now, you’ll still have plenty of time to get cracking on your winter promotion! 

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