5 Warm Weather Passes to Inspire You

Emilie Harris  |  February 20th, 2022

The groundhog saw his shadow on February 2, which could be a blessing if your destination hasn’t thought about how to promote the warmer weather headed your way in a long and dreary 6 weeks. The good news is that it takes roughly that long to build a free Bandwango passport, so if you start today, you could be right on time to talk to your audience about warm weather activities in your community.

Here are 5 warm weather passport types to inspire you (plus, current client examples!). Stay warm out there, friends!

Ice Cream or Snowcone Check-In Challenges

Our sweet check-in challenges perform well across clients and are often seen as a perfect family-friendly activity. With prizes that range from giftcards to plushie toys, these trails find their peak seasons to be during family travel times like Spring Break and summer.

Encourage your locals and visitors to cool off this season with a check-in challenge or savings pass that focuses on chilly treats like ice cream, snowcones or frozen yogurt!

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Hike, Bike and Paddle Trails

Outdoor enthusiasts look forward to warmer weather all year long, but that doesn’t mean they’re not looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite activities! Hike, Bike and Paddle Trail varieties are a popular way to encourage a variety of outdoor activities while still appealing to a niche audience of locals and visitors.

These passes are perfectly paired with Bandwango’s GPS check-in option, which allows passholders to check in at locations without having to worry about PIN codes.

Check out: Experience Columbus’ Hike, Bike and Paddle Pass

Frozen Drink Passports

Hello margarita, daiquiri and colada season! If you’ve got patios serving up drinks with umbrellas in them, then this pass type could be the perfect thing to roll out as the warmer weather starts driving people to cooler drinks. After all, why should brew passes get all the love?

This is a great opportunity to work with your partners to craft signature drinks, too!

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Dog-friendly Trails

Start tracking your furriest visitors with a dog-friendly passport in your destination. During spring and summer, furry friends abound on patios, breweries and trails. Encourage dogs and their owners to start tracking their visits to the dog-friendly destinations in your community with a check-in challenge or savings pass.

As a bonus, the prizes for these challenges are so easy to come up with and practically guarantee you a social share from the participants. We love collars, bandanas and dog tags!

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Bird Watching Passports

A Bandwango staff favorite is the Eagle Watcher’s Passport that Great Rivers and Routes launched. This passport drove a ton of unique visitors and locals to top places in the destination where eagles could be spotted. Available for a season, this passport included videos and offered prizes to eagle-eyed passholders who participated!

Replicate the success of the pass in your destination – particularly if birds of a feather flock to your community in the Spring and Summer.

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