Elevate Passport Marketing With Bandwango's In-passport Ad Options

Madison Strunk  |  November 2nd, 2023

Bandwango offers a powerful feature in its passport platform – in-passport advertising options. While the use of these ads is optional for clients, they present various exciting opportunities for organizations. In this blog post, we'll explore the ways in which clients can utilize these ad options to their advantage, from selling ads for extra revenue to recognizing sponsors and promoting other passes and events.

How Our Clients Are Using Ad Options

  1. Sell Ads for Extra Money

One of the most common uses for in-passport ads is to generate extra revenue. Clients can sell ad space to local merchants, organizations, and other potential sponsors. This not only provides clients with an additional income stream but also gives greater visibility to those who purchase the ad spots, as they'll be exposed to the passport's users.

  1. Recognize Sponsors

Sponsorship is a vital lifeline for many organizations using Bandwango’s platform. In-passport ads serve as an excellent way to express gratitude to sponsors and show them some love. By featuring a sponsor's ad in the passport, clients can acknowledge their support, reinforcing the valuable partnership.

  1. Promote Other Passes, Events, and More

If your organization offers multiple passes or has upcoming events, in-passport ads are a fantastic way to cross-promote them. This encourages passholders to explore other offerings within your organization, ultimately driving more business and engagement. Let your passholders know what's happening in your area with these in-passport ad options.

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Ad Options That Bandwango Offers 

While Bandwango offers a couple of ad options that our team can setup for you within the digital passport space, there are also ways our clients have taken matters into their own hands, and develop and place advertising space and options throughout their campaign.

Bandwango Configured Options:

  • In-Mobile Pass Sponsorship Banner Ad: These banner ads are displayed within the mobile pass and are seen by existing passholders as they interact with their offers. Users can click the ad to visit the partner's website. Multiple ads can be placed within the mobile pass and will rotate on a carousel. Bandwango tracks unique users, views, and clicks on these ads, but we recommend clients provide a trackable link for additional Google Analytics data. The required size is 448 x 60 pixels.

/assets/main/collections/in Passportads.png
  • Email Confirmation Banner Ad: These ads are displayed to passholders after they've signed up, and receive their confirmation email with the link to access their digital pass. Customers can click the ad to visit the partner's website. Bandwango does not measure ad impressions or ad expansions, but these emails have an impressive estimated open rate of 90-100% The required size for these ads is 728 x 90 pixels or 720 x 300 pixels.


Client Configured Options:

  • Landing Page Ad: Clients have the flexibility to place this ad on the pass landing page on their website. The size and location of the ad are determined by the client. These ads generate a significant number of impressions/views, depending on the amount of traffic visiting the website.

  • Prize Branding: Sponsors can have their branding included on prizes awarded to pass users. This is an excellent way to acknowledge sponsors' contributions.

Recommendations for Creating a Sponsorship Package

To entice potential sponsors, clients can create tiered sponsorship packages. The package and pricing options below are just a recommendation, we encourage our clients to value packages to best suit their needs and partners.

  • Gold Tier Sponsor ($2500 - $3000*): Includes all four sponsorship promotion options for the duration of the campaign (1 year*).

  • Silver Tier Sponsor ($1200 - $1500*): Offers prize branding or one In-Mobile Pass ad plus an Email Confirmation Ad for the duration of the campaign (1 year*).

  • Bronze Tier Sponsor ($600*): Provides one In-Mobile Pass Ad for the duration of the campaign (1 year*).

Next Steps for Clients Looking to Gain Sponsors or Use Bandwango's Ad Options

  • Read our blog about sponsorships and see if you would be interested!

  • Talk to your Client Success Specialist: Reach out to your dedicated specialist to request in-pass banner ads or email confirmation ads.

  • Consider Your Audience: Analyze your current number of passholders and website traffic to determine the best pricing structure for advertising options.

  • Create a Sponsorship Proposal: Develop a compelling sponsorship proposal and package options to pitch to potential sponsors.

Bandwango's in-passport ad options open up a world of possibilities for organizations to generate revenue, recognize sponsors, and promote their various offerings. By making the most of these features and following the recommended practices, clients can boost passport sponsorship and create a win-win scenario for all parties involved.