3 Creative Ways Clients Are Using Bandwango

Emilie Harris  |  August 26th, 2020

Each and every destination is different, which is why use cases at Bandwango are so varied. While there are unique components to all passes launched with our technology, some destinations take creativity to the next level. Our technology is capable of creating unique solutions that provide visitors experiences that go beyond the usual. Take, for instance, our examples – Grand Rapids, Great Rivers and Routes and Fraser, Colorado – which showcase 3 creative ways clients are using Bandwango right now.

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Walk with Lincoln Tour: Past Brought to Life with Sound

Alton, Illinois is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. The DMO took their existing self-guided tour and kicked it up a notch with The Walk with Lincoln Tour. This digital passport connects ten historic sites in Alton relating to Lincoln’s time and the city’s connections to the Civil War. The digital passport takes visitors to each of the sites where they will find interpretive panels that further tell the story of each site and Alton’s connections to American history. Best of all, the DMO included recordings that accompany the interpretive panels and further detail the location’s connection to Lincoln and the Civil War.

Check out the passport for yourself >>

Fraser, Colorado’s Mountain Mural Festival gets a digital makeover

Fraser, Colorado’s Mountain Mural Festival couldn’t take place this year like it normally would, but that didn’t mean it had to be cancelled altogether… Bandwango powered their digital solution, the Fraser Mountain Mural Walk, which featured a guide to the 20 murals along the walk with check-ins along the route. It also included savings and discounts at nearby locations so Mural Walk attendees could dine and shop with deals at their fingertips. The digital passport linked to the festival’s silent auction page and to a page where passholders could vote for their favorite mural.

This creative solution resulted in 443 sign-ups, 3,538 check-ins at murals along the walk.

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In conclusion, those 3 creative ways clients are using Bandwango showcase how our technology can meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a creative solution that breaks the mold or hoping to plug into one of our tried and true pass types, Bandwango can help your DMO deliver an amazing experience for visitors and locals in your destination while capturing data on visitor impact along the way.

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