Bandwango Pass Features You May Not Know About

Emilie Harris  |  February 26th, 2021

Bandwango offers many enhancements to passports – most of them are completely free and included within the cost of your contract! Whether you’re looking for a way to spotlight members, create further engagement in your passports or find an easy solution for your small team, our platform has the right tools to fit your audience. Check out some of the unique Bandwango pass features you may not know about!

Send messages to select audiences

Through Bandwango’s messaging platform, clients can send messages out to different audiences through different modes including text, e-mail and in feed communication. These audiences can be divided based on number of redemptions.

How it works: The client tells Bandwango they’d like to target all their passholders who haven’t redeemed an offer yet via a text message. Bandwango can schedule that message to be sent to that group on a specific date and time to remind them about their passport.

Bandwango can also send these messages automatically based on actions taken in the passport. Many clients use this to send a message upon a passholder’s first redemption. Clients can also set up automated messages upon check-in or redemption at specific locations.

Banner ads for mobile passports and confirmation e-mails

Clients have the ability to place banner ads in their mobile passports and confirmation e-mails. Banner ads in mobile passports are most commonly used when a client has sold spots in the passport to members or other partners. These banner ads change depending on how far a passholder scrolls down the venue list. E-mail confirmation ads have been used to direct traffic to internal COVID-19 recovery pages, internal hotel deals pages or external partner pages.

How it works: This feature is very new, so reporting and placement are in their preliminary stages. If you’d like to try it out, all Bandwango needs to get started is the ad graphic and the link where you’re driving traffic.

Include videos and audio in a mobile passport

This capability is commonly used in our check-in challenges and historic trails. It enhances the passholder experience or provides instructions on what to do at each location. You can see this feature in action in this blog.

How it works: Clients provide Bandwango with the audio .mp4 files or video files to load into the mobile passport prior to the passport going live.

Prize fulfillment and distribution

Launching a gamified pass with a branded prize like a t-shirt, art print, or pint glass can be easier than ever with Bandwango assistance! Our team can handle prize fulfilment and distribution, so your team doesn’t have to keep a warehouse of goods on hand or navigate shipping and handling. With a full catalog of products to choose from, our clients can engage their brand ambassadors without the headache of handing out prizes.

How it works: Bandwango charges the client per product distributed – with the product cost including the cost of the good plus shipping and handling. For example, a client distributing a black cuffed beanie with an embroidered logo would pay $19.52 per beanie.