Get Results With Fully Branded Festival And Event Ticketing

When it comes to event ticketing and redemption, our platform is built from the ground up to maximize attendee experience, enhance brand and sponsor engagement and increase revenue. We’ve also streamlined the process and templated the technology in a way that minimizes operational overhead and transactional fees.

It simply couldn’t be easier, or more effectual both in the short and long run, to manage your branded experience, festival or event than it is with Bandwango.

A Ticketing Platform In A Category On Its Own

Bandwango is different than any other ticketing provider out there. Especially when it comes to who owns the data collected through ticketing and redemption. (Hint: you do). When destinations manage their own event ticketing with Bandwango there’s a lot they can expect.

For starters, rather than have customers or would-be attendees buy their ticket on a third party app, Bandwango allows event organizers to offer a fully branded experience. This allows the event, its sponsors, and its vendors to shine, while at the same time making sure the event or meeting convener keeps and manages all the data.

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Go Big, Go Mobile

A truly mobile experience for large scale events, conferences and festivals combines admission tickets right alongside essential festival/event guides in an easy-to-navigate smartphone web app they don’t have to download. It also allows for the possibility of additional, or real-time custom offers delivered right to their phone.

For example, is your event catering to attendees 21 and older? Why not add an ale trail as an additional offer to keep them enjoying the craft scene in your destination? Planning a family-friendly event? Offer a family fun pass. These additional promotions can be offered as free, discounted or paid, it’s completely up to you..

With the DXE, event planners can integrate vendors, special offers, and merchandise sales directly into the ticket experience. This increases the value for your sponsors and participating businesses in the event by increasing the capacity to drive traffic to their establishment, booth or table, and increase revenue before and after the event. In addition, our easy IOS scanning app allows rapid entry into any event through QR codes delivered via text, email and natively in the mobile event guide.

Also included is an attendee communications platform that engages your audience before, during and after the event, with automatic text reminder capability that enables organizers to communicate with attendees via email or text. This could be employed for various reasons like redirecting customer traffic to support neglected vendors with a flash-promotion, or for relevant emergencies or updates such as major or sudden weather changes at outdoor events, etc.

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Utah Beer Festival

Utah’s premier beer event is elevating its attendee experience by using Bandwango to power a completely mobile-optimized festival guide allowing aficionados to browse and enjoy over 100 offerings from breweries throughout the United States and Canada.

Job’s Daughter International

When Job’s Daughter International convened a major conference in Utah, the Bandwango team worked closely with the event organizers, local businesses, and Davis County Tourism to create a custom event marketplace designed to appeal to conference attendees and generate revenue for local businesses.

By creating numerous passes on the Bandwango platform, attendees were able to register for various experiences, meal plans and excursions as organized by the conference host, as well as take part in curated regional experiences and enjoy perks and discounts at local businesses and establishments while they were in town.

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Plan On Success

Whether it’s event tickets, festival guides, additional in-destination experiences, possible discounts targeting festival attendee user profiles or a combination of any or all of the above, Bandwango ensures for the customer or event attendee, everything is streamlined conveniently into one place: their smartphone.

When destinations use the DXE to manage event ticketing and redemption they own 100% of the data and maintain full brand identity, a feature which really sets Bandwango apart from other generic ticketing providers.

Planning an event? Have questions? Feel free to schedule a demo or let us hear from you, below.