How Bandwango Works For Member-based Dmos

There are many applications of the Destination Experience Engine, but how Bandwango works for member-based DMOs is a particularly powerful expression of the platform.

You probably have lots of members in your DMO ecosystem right now – you know, in the “Things to Do” section where you feature attractions, arts and culture, shopping, dining, breweries and wineries, spas, events, and festivals. And this section is also great for visitors because they can get the low-down on what to do when they arrive at your destination.

So, why not link up your visitors directly with your members, making it easy for visitors to create the experience they want and boosting revenue for your members?

The Bandwango Connection

That’s where we come in. Bandwango is, essentially, a destination experience engine that gives your visitors the flexibility to choose their activities but still commit and pay in advance, provides a single, fully-branded mobile pass to make the visitors life easier, and allows your members to actively engage the visitor through relevant spending incentives.

In a nutshell, Bandwango’s DXE (Destination Experience Engine) makes “Things to Do” in your area easier by:

  1. Aggregating disparate POS systems into a unified, platform agnostic e-commerce system;

  2. Giving the visitor flexibility through multi-activity passes and a-la carte offerings;

  3. Presenting the visitor with a platform-independent, branded mobile web application (i.e. a Connect Pass) that contains all of their purchases from the past, present, and future;

  4. Allowing all merchants to engage visitors in real-time through relevant spending incentives;

  5. Targeting any demographic or psychographic through customized passes and public or private label sales; and,

  6. Providing actionable data and re-marketing opportunities.

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How It Works

  1. With Bandwango’s help, you can quickly and easily onboard member assets and inventory into our e-commerce platform

  2. Once the inventory is entered, create packages and offers for any group, demographic, or psychographic (think young adults, affluent families with children, bachelor parties, church groups, convention attendees, adventure seekers, foodies, beer-lovers, the list is endless)

  3. Activity tickets are delivered via a single, destination branded pass which becomes a living itinerary for the visitor. No more searching through endless emails just to find that confirmation message that contains venue information and tickets. And do that over and over for each activity.

  4. Members can upload perks that can be sent in real time to visitors. Visitors aren’t inundated by irrelevant offers, but actually the opposite. They have already purchased passes to these activities and are now getting very targeted and relevant (and therefore more effective) offers.

  5. You can mobilize your coupon programs that you currently only offer via website or print-at-home. Utilization drastically increases and now you can capture data on usage.

Win/Win For Everyone

Of course, Bandwango can do all these things and more, but especially for DMOs with member vendors or partners, this spells out just a little more how it works, and what visitors experience as well.