Museum and Culture Passes: A Portal Of Discovery

Where there are people, there is art, beauty and culture. Where there is nature, there is natural history, beauty and wonder. Where there are museums dedicated to these things and more, there is Bandwango. Or at least there should be.

As our client and partner destination marketers are capturing the vision of Bandwango’s DXE platform, one of the fastest growing uses of it are for museum and culture passes.

Institutions Of Community Pride

Museums are institutions of immense pride and curious discovery for the communities that host them. From children’s museums with hands on exhibits, to art and science-based museums with a unique perspective on history, art and nature, museums are perhaps the best evidence and expression that every place has something fascinating it collects and interprets for the viewing public, whether just passing through or living down the street.

This means that museums also are a fantastic attraction in the destination marketer’s playbook as they attract visitors and entice locals on a continual basis with events, changing exhibits and programming.

Examples From The Bandwango Community

Recently we worked with Visit Houston to launch the Houston Museum Pass, one of the Bandwango-powered products on their Houston Experience Marketplace. As it says on the marketplace, the pass features “Eight Premier Museum Admissions and Exclusive Perks – Delivered Instantly to Your Phone.”

Not only is this a hot ticket item right now among visitors to America’s 4th largest city, in the wake of hurricane recovery efforts, this pass was highly promoted as part of the Mayor’s Recovery Fund, in which locals and volunteers who needed a break were encouraged to play in the city they love, and remind them of the things that make their community vibrant and exciting.

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Salt Lake City’s Connect Pass On Fire

Whether in the wake of a disaster or not, museum and culture passes appeal to locals in ways that often exceed expectation. Salt Lake City’s Connect Pass is a DXE-powered product featuring museums alongside other notable attractions.

The Connect Pass can be purchased in 1-day, 2-day, 3-day or 365-day access period. While the shorter time passes are popular among visitors and conference attendees, wouldn’t you know, the year-long pass outsells all the other passes combined.

That’s the power of tapping into your local market, and offering Bandwango-powered solutions that are customized to varied audiences.

Mile High Culture Pass A Vital Marketing Tool

Denver is another one, offering their Mile High Culture Pass powered by Bandwango, they are seeing enormous results and loving the ease of the platform to bring the best of their art and culture institutions to their visitors and public.

In fact, Visit Denver’s VP of Tourism, Jayne Buck said of the platform, “Bandwango’s mobile passport solution is, in a word, easy. From implementation to final user transaction, this is a seamless experience through and through.”

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Getting Set Up Is Easy

For cities using the Bandwango Destination Experience Engine (DXE), museums and other cultural institutions—it turns out—are wellsprings for attractive and engaging curated packages to offer visitors and locals alike.

Are you interested in elevating your area’s cultural quotient by offering museum passes to locals and visitors through the Bandwango DXE platform? Let’s talk!