Practical Savings Programs Made Easy

Savings programs are the smart, mobile equivalent to those familiar coupon booklets you used to buy for a few dollars to get hundreds of dollars worth of savings at local businesses in return. And perhaps equally familiar, that book of discounts just never seemed to be on your person when you were actually in a place to use one of the coupons. Consternation!

These booklets, though, represent more than an opportunity for the owner of one to save a bundle, as you may know from the student that knocked on your door to sell you one. Yes, savings booklets have been turned to time and again for various charitable, school or sports fundraisers. That field trip your local Jr. High’s 8th grade class took to see a Shakespearean festival? Coupon books sales funded that.

As with a lot of hallmarks of our society, the concepts may stay the same, but the delivery mechanism, or the way we use them changes. To that end, Bandwango is changing up the savings book, and giving it some serious upgrades.

Savings Passes For The Next Generation

For destination marketers promoting savings and discount passes for their regions and cities, Bandwango makes it easy to embrace and promote a next-generation, mobile-exclusive program.

The value goes beyond “numbers sold.” Way beyond. A Bandwango-powered savings program captures sale and redemption data that can help prove exactly what it’s achieving in terms of economic impact. With seamless, turn-key simplicity, destinations can feature one-time offers alongside repeating discounts, support local causes (even include customer preference options), and update easily for discontinued or added participating vendors.

Savings passports are a great way to encourage local shopping and commerce, and a great way to get people engaging with a destination. It’s no surprise, then, that these passports are among the most popular utilizations of the Bandwango DXE.

‘Save Big On Flavor And Fun’

The Stockton Savings Pass is all the buzz in that city, as promoters have really gotten the word out, and the pass has become a hot new item. And with two different versions of the pass, a year-long and a 10-day, it’s found broad appeal among locals and visitors respectively.

Also, remember we mentioned the ability for savings passes to shake up charitable donations, too? Well, visitors to the Visit Stockton site to purchase the pass get a similar option, but with more choice.

“With over $1,000 worth of savings at local Stockton businesses combined with one-time and repeating offers, you can save all year long with the Stockton Savings Pass. A portion of every Stockton Savings Pass purchase supports a local non-profit! You choose the cause you want to support during checkout.”

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The Do More – Save More Passport

Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority’s “Save More Passport” is a free mobile pass with 25 different discounts all over the region anchored by the Seattle Sea-Tac airport. It’s no surprise then, that the discounts by and large are geared to travelers to the area, with discounts to hotels and vendors of travel-specific services like currency exchange.

But that’s not to say there isn’t plenty with this free pass for locals to love. Restaurants, theater, and museums are all well represented on the pass. As the description says to those about to get the pass:

“Whether you’re a Southside local or visitor the FREE Do More – Save More Passport makes it easy to explore renowned museums, savor local and international cuisine at exceptional restaurants, shop at boutique and designer stores, and have fun at unique and thrilling attractions, all at a significant discount. Both one-time and repeating offers allow you to save all year long! This passport will be instantly delivered via text message or email and can be used immediately!”

Beach Town Savings Pass On Fire

Another destination offering a free savings pass is the charming coastal communities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

From beach resorts and adventure parks to discounts on a well crafted latte, this pass is the perfect portal for locals and visitors to really get steeped in the community in the best of ways. And people seem to agree as these passes are flying off the proverbial shelf by the hundreds and hundreds. From the pass checkout site:

“It’s never been easier to tap into exclusive savings and discounts for things to do in Parksville Qualicum Beach, allowing you to get the most out of our region while you’re here! From top-rated restaurants to the best attractions, discount offers are delivered directly to your phone via text and email – no apps to download. Details about the venues, their location and hours of operation will make it easy for you to enjoy the best of Parksville Qualicum Beach. Redeem your deals and discounts by simply presenting the digital coupon – enjoy!”

“How It Works: The Parksville Qualicum Beach Savings Pass is a curated collection of great deals and discounts for the best of Parksville Qualicum Beach. Your pass will be instantly delivered to your phone via text and email and is ready to use immediately! There are no apps to download! Your pass can be saved to your phone’s home screen for easy one-tap access. When visiting a venue simply present your phone to redeem your discounts and special offers.”

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Savings Passports Adaptable To Any Location

How your destination sets up a savings pass or program is completely up to you. These destinations mentioned here show a representation of what’s possible, but with Bandwango passes, the sky is really the limit.

If you want to learn more about what it takes to set up a savings passport for your area just let us know below.