Shaking Up “show Your Badge” Programs

“Show Your Badge” is a fun way to offer convention or event attendees engaging perks, enticing experiences and tempting discounts that both introduce and endear them to the host city of their event. And endearing convention visitors is a great way to inspire them to return for extended vacations in the future!

But too often, traditional “show your badge” programs are inflexible, and can be cumbersome for the attendee. Far too often, these programs provide zero data on utilization and economic impact. That’s not great for the CVB or its “show your badge” partners, you know, the ones offering the discounts. And yet, the concept of “show your badge” is highly attractive to both convention attendees and local businesses, vendors and restaurants.

Show Your Badge On Your Phone

Surely there’s a better way to offer dynamic options to convention visitors and vendors while measuring success and tracking trends for future program improvements. Well, it just so happens, there is. With a Bandwango-powered “Show Your Badge” program, CVBs can expect this mobile-first experience to be absolutely 100% white-labeled for every event. That means you won’t see a Bandwango logo anywhere.

Also, much like Bandwango-powered visitor guides, the ability to offer an up-to date curation of relevant activities, destinations, and discounts is a massive advantage here. It allows not only up to date information for the conventioneer, which is always nice, but it also makes it possible to swap in or out certain vendors that might want to be involved with one convention crowd but not another.

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Perks For The Host Too

Jargon alert: Now imagine having automated and trackable distribution with real-time redemption data providing economic impact metrics? (destination marketers get it). Yes, all of that is indeed possible and included with a mobile “show your badge” program by Bandwango.

Ultimately Bandwango makes it really easy to elevate attendee experience and impact a local economy’s bottom line. When hot convention destinations develop curated benefit packages uniquely tailored to every convention by exposing “best of city” themed lists including bars, restaurants and attractions, of course it’s the attendees who benefit. But in a big way, it’s the CVBs and their partners, the local businesses, who do as well.

Convention attendee perks just got seriously upgraded. Are you ready to upgrade your “show your badge” program in your destination? Drop us a line below.

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