Staff Picks from 2020 Passports

Emilie Harris
December 30, 2020
 min read

As we count down to the end of 2020, we wanted our team to share some of the work they’re most proud of. It was a big year here at Bandwango, and our teams put in a lot of work to make sure clients could execute their visions in the weird and ever-changing world we live in. Our Development guys made sure Bandwango programs were running properly. Our Merchant Services helped onboard more than 6,754 new merchants, and the rest of the team supported clients and internal staff alike.

In 2020, we launched more than 150 passes, so we asked our client-facing team members to tell us what their favorite projects were this year. They admitted that they tell every client they are the favorite, so this blog is bound to break some hearts. But know that if you didn’t make the list this year, there’s still time in 2021. We love working with all of you. Thanks for the love and support! Here are Bandwango staff passport picks to inspire you!

Bandwango Staff Passport Picks

Vinny’s pick

“I’m most excited to launch Trumbull County’s Italian Food Trail. My family owns an Italian restaurant in Wisconsin, and I grew up in the family business, so it’s awesome seeing an entire trail dedicated to Italian cuisine.”


Taylor’s pick

“I love KCK’s Taco Trail! The idea of challenging locals and visitors to visit all 50 taquerias in KCK to get their name on the Taco Trail Wall of Fame and win a Taco Trail Championship flag is so fun and creative. That fun factor, along with the gamification, has totally changed the way people experience taco joints in KCK. As DMOs, our creativity often gets boxed in by the political landscape we operate in.

Bandwango clients are often thinking about building the pass that is going to make as many stakeholders as possible happy instead of building the pass that is going to create the most enjoyable experience for the consumer. My 2021 New Years resolution as Bandwango’s VP of Sales is to inspire DMOs to be like Visit KCK. Let’s create something as fun as possible together because the more fun the experience is, the more successful it will be.”

Ashley’s pick

“The Big Red Scavenger Hunt in Richmond was fun to put together. It was a unique configuration, so we had to think about it really creatively. It opens us up to really interesting use cases in the future, too.”


Jeremy’s pick

“The Fraser Mountain Mural Walk was a fun project and one of my first, so I learned a lot! The pass was launched in the middle of the pandemic, and it brought the community together safely to celebrate local art. It was also super successful. Engagement was off the charts. Our contact, Sarah, is great to work with and her attention to detail is another reason why the pass saw so much success.”

Mo’s pick

“The Travel Iowa State Park Passport is one of my favorite initiatives from 2020. Because of the program’s success, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the team at Travel Iowa on award submissions. We interviewed passholders about why they loved the program, and it was really cool to see how engaged they were firsthand. (Plus, we won!)”


Brandon’s pick

“I loved working with the Culinary Tourism Alliance for their Great Taste of Ontario passport. We had to think outside the box on that project, and the client was a massive help in executing the idea.”


Sierra’s pick

“It’s hard to choose a single pass, but I love working with the Visit Tri-Valley team. Their Brew Trail and Wine Trail are both really well done, and passholders love them!”


Emilie’s pick

The Heart of Willamette Winery Pass is an initiative close to my heart. It was one of my first marketing calls with a client here at Bandwango. The association was transitioning a paper passport to a digital version. We ended up launching a $600 ad campaign in the midst of the pandemic. We’re at $6,000 in sales, which is double what the passport made last year in its paper version.”


Abby’s pick

“The Big Red Scavenger Hunt is probably my favorite. I was still really new when I was building it, and I feel like that was the pass that really taught me the system, especially little tips and tricks. It has a special place in my heart.”


Lindsey’s pick

“I love working with the team over at Visit Great Falls, Montana. They always have creative ideas and come to the table with something fun and different each time we talk. They get bonus points for having one of the funnier pass names…”


Jason’s pick

“I have really enjoyed working with the team at Discover Upcountry SC. They’re moving forward with gamification for their passes and a great vacation package giveaway. I’m most excited about what’s to come with Douglas County, GA. They’ve discussed launching a film trail – a first for us!”


Taylor’s pick

“I’m exited about the Ithaca Loves Teachers Pass. It’s an awesome event/pass that says thank you to those who deserve a ton more praise and recognition than they get.”


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