Three MORE Ways Cities Are Using Bandwango’s DXE

Bandwango’s DXE travel technology platform is fast becoming a powerful presence on destination marketing scene, and driving provable, measurable results that speak in real dollars and cents to economic impact.

This is especially visible in how various Bandwango partner destinations are employing the Destination Experience Engine in a few specific ways. Through Bandwango, DMOs and CVBs are offering more ways for visitors to get the most out of a destination, in experiences uniquely tailored to their interests. Here are three more key ways the Bandwango DXE is currently being successfully employed.

Culture Passes

Culture is ubiquitous. It exists because people exist. It varies because people exist in different places. And a huge element of what makes travel and exploration so exciting, is to see how one place, with its food and customs and people and history, differ from another place. In other words: culture!

As destination marketers capitalize on the cultural expressions in their own region, whether it be a museum or a historical walking tour, a famed presidential library or an arts and theater district, culture not only brings people together, it can unite them with singular experiences shared by many.

Gem of the midwest and city of a number of prime cultural institutions, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is flying high with their Culture Pass GR. There’s a children’s museum, an art museum, an African American museum and archive, and a presidential museum, that of Gerald R. Ford. And as far as this culture pass goes, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It also features additional discounts at performance venues like the Actors’ Theatre, the Circle Theatre and more. Grand Rapids is a city on the rise, and with the ease of their 3-day culture pass for visitors and locals alike to get the most out of a trip downtown, it’s just getting started.

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Savings Passes

Savings Passes are a fantastic way to boost patronage to local businesses and restaurants when a lot of visitors are in town. But they’re also a consistently great way to get some love and excitement drummed up by the locals in your city. If you’re Stockton, California, it’s both!

With a 10-day savings pass and year-long one, pass holders can choose based on whether they’re just visiting or if they live close enough to take advantage of a year’s worth of savings. Either way, pass holders get access to hundreds of dollars in savings at some of the best businesses, restaurants, and institutions in Stockton.

And what’s more, the way Stockton has set up the DXE, pass purchases support local nonprofits, too. It’s like win-win, but with dozens more “wins” attached.

Savings Passes, free or paid, are smart. And just like any other Bandwango DXE product, they’re a handy tool for the destination marketer to build useful data sets, prove ROI and enhance marketing intelligence.

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“Show Your Badge” and Convention Services

Popular ‘show your badge’ programs and other convention attendee perks get a serious upgrade for both CVBs and their guests at meetings and events when they use Bandwango. The DXE makes it easy to elevate attendee experience with the ease and functionality of their mobile phones, as well as impact a local economy’s bottom line with increased expenditures of visiting conference attendees.

But traditional ‘show your badge’ programs are inflexible, can be cumbersome for the attendee, and provide zero data on utilization and economic impact. And yet, the concept of “show your badge” is highly attractive to both convention attendees and local businesses, vendors and restaurants.

With a Bandwango-powered “Show Your Badge” program, CVBs can expect this mobile-first program to be 100% white-labeled, meaning that even if you use the same program for various events, it can inhabit a branded experience specific to a singular event or convention.

And since everything is managed digitally, that means that CVBs can ensure that every event’s ‘show your badge’ offers the most up-to date curation of relevant activities, destinations, and discounts. This ensures the best possible experience for the consumer. Nothing is worse than showing up to a restaurant with a convention badge and hear them say “Oh, we don’t participate in that anymore.”

As CVBs are turning to Bandwango to offer a mobile version of a ‘show your badge’ program to their convention attendees, the result of an enhanced user experience and effective user data collection is revolutionizing the popular tradition in a big way.

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Why Bandwango

These are not the only expressions of the DXE that cities are using for their destination marketing efforts. We’re also seeing more interest in festival and event ticketing, digital visitor guides and more.

Regardless of how you envision DXE possibilities in your area, one thing is certain. To see a city really grasp the potential of a Bandwango-powered product and what that means in terms of bringing people together to explore, celebrate and take part in a city is really what gets us excited to take DXE to more and more destinations.

Want to learn more about the DXE, or any of the passes above? Drop us a line below.